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Home to South Carolina's only casino ships, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean off the Myrtle Beach area coast montana nugget casino alive every day and night with Vegas-style gambling, live entertainment and fine food. Suncruz casino cruise area's two casino ships set sail twice on five-hour cruises from beautiful Little River, just a short drive north of Myrtle Beach. Regular patrons rave about the cruise out and back along scenic Little River Inlet. Enjoy the beach and local attractions during the day, and then try your gambling luck on the ocean once the sun sets. While onboard the casino cruise ships, enjoy free drinks while playing all your favorite games including:.

James bond casino royale fancy dress ideas 2 year party games

James bond casino royale fancy dress ideas

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He continued in many more starring roles, among them The Avengers, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Finding Forrester, before retiring in In Scotland he is a legend and although he will be greatly missed, such is his legacy of filmwork that we can enjoy his presence forever and a day.

I intend to do just that, by rewatching some of his best performances this holiday season. He decides that the best way to make a killing is to produce a high-risk action film in which his lead actor dies, so he can collect a hefty sum of insurance. It seems to be the perfect crime, until the actor survives stunt after stunt and Max realises he is unwittingly making the best film of his career.

France is facing a desperate military situation against the German army. Charles de Gaulle, a newly appointed General, joins the Government in Paris while Yvonne, his wife, and their three children stay in the East. However, de Gaulle pledges to continue the fight. In the midst of dramatic events such as the forced fleeing of his family from German troops , he makes a decision that will change the course of World War II and French history in a dramatic fashion.

The Last Duel is set in the 16th century. Since nobody believes her, her husband, King Charles VI, decides to challenge his former friend to a duel to the death. The film is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed book by Eric Jager.

The story sounds way-out but fun: a group of gangsters sets out to achieve the impossible — to rob the Bank of Spain. If you enjoyed movies like The Truman Show or Pixels which delve into the subjects of reality TV and video games , then you will probably love Free Guy. Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a bank teller whose workplace always seems to get robbed.

He must strive to save his world while avoiding being annihilated by guntoting gamers. As the world waits to see what Covid has in store for us with the cooler months approaching, there's not much planned. So check the Coast's weekly publications to see if anything is arranged. All info on this page was correct at the time of writing. She also stars as an angel in the Netflix festive film, Christmas on the Square — featuring 14 new original songs, many from the aforementioned album.

Also, A Bowie Celebration: Just for one day! So who will get the prestigious UK festive number-one single? No doubt all four will find their way on to the net after a day or two. GIRLS as the only other act to have three-consecutive festive chart toppers. The December and January are annually limited release wise as record companies hold back.

From mysteries to non-fiction gems, take your pick from these best-selling reads. A bird is a lifeform many people say they would love to be, since the unique ability to fly and defy gravity is universally appealing. Nature author David Allen Sibley provides us with insight into what it actually feels like to be one of the most amazing creatures on the Planet.

Learn about the amazing habits of different species and marvel at the odd behaviors of both common and exotic birds. Beyond the edge of the galaxy lie the Unknown Regions: dark, mysterious, and near impassable, with hidden dangers lurking at every turn. Ensconced within its starless chaos is the Ascendancy, home to the powerful Chiss and the Nine Ruling Families that lead them. The peace of the Ascendancy is shattered when a mysterious enemy attacks the Chiss capital and disappears. Baffled, the Ascendancy dispatches Thrawn; one of its brightest young military officers to find out who the assailants are.

She is fully centred on her son, having decided some time back to put romance on the back burner. Harrison Jeffries is a city slicker who never expected to find himself in small-town Louisiana. He is there for one important reason: to reconnect with his family.

When he meets Seraphina, he starts to feel something special. But a secret from her past rears its ugly head and threatens to end the magic that has just begun between them. The average person spends 70 per cent of their waking hours at work. If you are unhappy in your job, this book may inspire you to make necessary changes.

Its thesis is. The Buddha figure represents inner awareness, mindfulness and alignment, while the Badass symbolises disruption, change and innovation. Imagine building the skills that will enable you to harness the best of both worlds! Isabel will need to rely the executor of his impressive Highland estate. It will measure 17cm in size, offering the best display and cameras in the range. It has a It houses 3 two cameras a main camera and one for selfies , a loudspeaker with stereo speakers, fingerprint sensors, and more.

It runs on Android yet has apps that work well on iOS and Android. The device boasts dual The displays can work separately or as a united It has a Snapdragon beneath the hood, and up to GB of storage. Its Its S-Pen has been receiving rave reviews from critics, who are also hyped about the fast charging times it takes just 71 minutes for the battery to go from zero to full. The device boasts a Hz refresh rate and an enhanced raw processing power thanks to Snapdragon www.

Some , were from the EU and , from elsewhere. EU students often chose the UK owing to the sound reputation of its tertiary institutions, plus the fact they were charged UK domestic student fees. Moreover, they were eligible to apply for student loans and grants. Of course, studying in the UK entails additional expenses, including accommodation and food, which is why keeping tuition fees low is a decisive factor for many families with children choosing to study abroad.

Area EEA , and Swiss nationals would no longer be charged domestic student rates. This was a big blow to many families who. Scotland has confirmed it will follow suit and Northern Ireland and Wales are expected to make similar announcements.

In Germany, for instance, students only pay a tiny fee, which covers administration and other small costs. UK to fund their education. The exact effect that the This will mean greater new fee structure for EU enrichment and diversity students will have on for the countries they the number of students studying in the UK remains choose to study in, unless of course, they opt to study uncertain.

There is no at home. One option is for doubt, however, that many individual UK universities will begin to look into the to charge lower fees in possibility of studying in order to maintain strong EU other countries. Some of them g yearith over brands offerin W e. The company is looking for young people between 25 and 35 years of age with relevant careers, high potential and a vocation for leadership.

Nominations are open until 20th www. The youngster was born on 8th November and both mother and baby are in perfect health and can be seen in the outdoor installation with the rest of the group. The Bioparc at Fuengirola is actively involved in conservation and breeding programmes for endangered species so the new addition is great news for all those involved and for visitors to the zoo.

The new crossover boasts electrified characteristics coupled with world-class levels of refinement. Its exceptional qualities have been accentuated through a new virtual home www. The exclusive complex at Cartag. On the one hand, the latest offering by the famous Danish furniture brand is a fine example of the recent move from starker minimalism to a richer palette of expression in terms of colours, textures and forms.

On the other, it comes at a time when people have discovered a newfound passion for their homes. The greater amount of time spent at home this year has highlighted among many the need to upgrade their properties,. The bathrooms offer a stylish yet cosseting environment focused on the senses Garden expanses, bedrooms, living spaces as well as play areas for children, entertainment zones and of course work stations are receiving more attention than ever, and while much of this is related to our recent experiences, the concepts of flexible, remote working and a healthier career-home life balance are trends that seem to be here to stay.

Jan Petersen has experienced them at first hand in recent months,. Not only are people creating their own professional workspaces, fun entertainment areas and play zones for the little ones, more conventional rooms such as lounges are also the subject of more care and consideration.

Where once it would suffice to have a large sofa and television, perhaps accompanied by some lighting and small decorative pieces in your living room, now the often open-plan space is not just a showcase but increasingly a truly cosy place to spend time in, relax, socialise and generally feel good.

The items we choose to create this homely, welcoming ambience vary depending on personal taste and needs, but the new collections suit the purpose beautifully, injecting Marbella homes. This season, BoConcept surprises with an evocative range of sofas, salon tables, wall units, dining rooms and inviting bedrooms sets.

This is very evident in the new BoConcept collection, which has a warm, retro-modern feel about it that still embodies the very concept of Danish design. In addition to the beautifully styled furniture and decorative pieces within the BoConcept catalogue, the Mijas and Marbella showrooms also offer a Plus Store with specially selected items from top designers around the world. In fact, Blackshaw — an established interior designer with an in-house construction company on the coast for over 12 years, has always been accustomed to working remotely.

Over the years, they have liaised with clients from all over the world, most of the time without actually meeting them in person. The Blackshaw team is always available for the client, no matter the circumstance. Comprising a strong office-based design and construction team, each designer oversees several projects sequentially.

Therefore, Blackshaw is adequately set up to take on all kinds of projects at any stage, while the enquiries come in from clients all over the world. This can be done by conducting video calls, exchanging good oldfashioned e-mails and quick videos that are sent through WhatsApp. Every time. An example of one of these projects was a recently completed luxury penthouse with views that any holiday homeowner could dream of.

In this case, as it was an interior design project only and not a build, the process started with creating an overview of the desired ambience for each section of the house, so that the client could see how the elements would stay cohesive throughout the property. The designer then presented two different design proposals of the same area usually the living and dining area where everything WWW. Usually, clients fall in love with one of the presented proposals and may ask for some adjustments; this comes before the designer can continue with their work for the rest of the spaces, which normally takes around two to three weeks.

After this, it would be time to make all the necessary orders and check them upon arrival to make sure that everything is correct and in perfect condition. An interior design project like this one would be ready in less than three months. More often than not, new builds can appear quite cold and lacking in personality.

On entering this luxury penthouse in the heart of Marbella, one is welcomed by gold tones paired with warm grey tinted wood within the open plan living space. Conducively, wood always brings an instant feeling of warmth to a space. Vibrant elements of blue were added for life and to bring everything together. Handmade bespoke carpentry was designed for the lounge to neatly house the TV and hide the cables. Moreover, it also incorporates a mixture of hidden storage and open shelves to display objects.

In order to maintain the same feeling of warmth in the living area, the bespoke coffee table and console were handmade with the exact same warm grey tinted oak finishes. The use of a bronze mirror on a wall adjacent to the sofa brings a feeling of extra depth to the area. Furthermore, it bounces the natural light around that enters from the opposite window.

The use of round furniture helps to. These clients have yet to see their apartment in real life, but of course Blackshaw has arranged a professional photographer to come in straight away maintain a good flow. The guest bedroom features beautifully technology. The bespoke carpentry Marbella.

If you are looking for a special piece this year, take your pick from these gorgeous suggestions. This collection features a selection of ensembles made with traditional materials that are given new life with innovative cuts and a contemporary vision of classics such as trenchcoats and ballgowns. Take your pick from these appealing items. The product is.

For the lips, Ra h it W e th : s oice two different ch. It also contains high levels of Vitamin C, oligopeptides and light-reflecting pearls, which target dark spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. It contains peony and white birch extracts and can be used alongside your favourite hydrating cream at night time. They help balance the pigmentation of skin, interrupting melanin transfer between melanocytes and keratinocytes. They promote exfoliation the shedding of dead skin cells so that dark spots can progressively diminish without harming www.

Melasma sometimes has hormonal causes and in severe or stubborn cases, it can be treated successfully through the use of laser, retinoids, or other prescribed remedies. If you have chronic melasma then seeing a dermatologist first is always a good idea, since you need to establish the cause. It contains lumina sea kelp extract and ume extract, as well as a host of antioxidants including Vitamin C and copper peptides , known for rejuvenating skin. Most of our medical resources have been allocated and focused on individuals with symptoms and illness.

This plan of action is not optimal in preventing deadly disease. Figuratively, it could be compared to the treatment of individuals who have already fallen off a cliff with the ambulance and hospital situated at the bottom of the drop, instead of close-to-the edge actions to prevent the fall in the first place. Cancer is also a significant determinant of world mortality, and cancers are times more likely to kill you if detected late.

Cardiovascular disease and cancer do not cause symptoms until at an advanced stage. An annual medical check with your doctor identifies individuals at risk with the objective of preventing the natural progression of. The following is a description of a basic and advanced annual exam in asymptomatic clients. Naturally, symptomatic or chronically sick clients, pregnant women, children or special risk patients need a different program, and an annual check can also vary depending on country.

The doctor will also ask. Significant nutritional data has emerged in recent years which demonstrates how adapting to a wholefood plantbased diet might be the most important preventive health measure there is. The actual physical exam follows with the vital signs including blood pressure, which is a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease.

Less than over less than 85 is a normal blood. A general appearance with anthropometric physical risk data, and heart exam with a stethoscope to detect an irregular heartbeat, a heart murmur, or other clues to heart disease are performed.

Next, a lung examination for crackles, wheezes, or decreased breath sounds is carried out, followed by a head and neck assessment with open mouth evaluation to see the throat and tonsils. The condition of teeth and gums also provides information about the overall health. Ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, lymph nodes, thyroid, and carotid arteries for stroke risk are also assessed. Abdominal, neurological and dermatological studies are then carried out; skin and nail findings could indicate a dermatological.

An extremities review where physical and sensory changes are noted is also undertaken. For men, the annual physical exam might also incorporate a testicular, hernia and male organ exam, including prostate assessment. The female counterpart is a breast exam for abnormal lumps and evaluation of the lymph nodes in the underarm and finally a pelvic gynecological exam with a smear and human papillomavirus test to screen for cervical cancer.

The laboratory tests are most important in asymptomatic individuals and should include a general blood test evaluation of the function of all the various systems. Metabolic data for diabetes risk and lipid risk profiles for lifetime heart attack and stroke risk evaluation should also be integrated. Prostate specific protein for cancer in men and gynecology tumour markers might be included for women. Finally, urine tests for kidney disease and bladder cancer and a stool test for colon cancer are undertaken.

This annual assessment is relevant for all ethnicities, genders and in individuals above 20 years of age, but significantly indicated in clients above 30 years of age. In clients over 40 years of age the advanced annual checkup described below is recommended. An advanced annual check adds imaging to prevent disease.

In other words, it uses all available, most accurate and safe imaging methods such as advanced Magnetic Resonance MR , Computed Tomography CT , ultrasound, x-ray for mammography and in-body cameras or endoscopes to identify changes in the human body that have a high risk of developing towards mortality or morbidity, with the aim of preventing disease. Most deadly diseases have a latent asymptomatic period when they can be diagnosed with the aim of prevention.

A MR scanner can demonstrate small mm asymptomatic tumours or even precancerous changes on a molecular level. The MR. The ultrasound of the neck arteries can show early millimeter pre-stroke calcifications before they may progress towards death or disability, and the gastrointestinal tract capsulecamera can diagnose early colon polyps that represent precancer.

The MR and mammography can indicate early cancer changes in the female breasts. Finally, a unique type of CT scan can identify the future risk of heart attacks by demonstrating asymptomatic coronary artery calcification and plaques; it literally identifies the heart attack before it happens.

All these scans can safely be carried out annually to detect disease early but the mammography might only be. Please consider booking an annual check with your local doctor or Executive Health if you are above 40 years of age and imaging is required. Tel: , During your childhood, did you ever hear your friends complaining about their neck and back? I expect, like many, your answer is no.

Your head is tilted forward, your shoulders, as well as your upper back, are curved. If you are on your tablet or phone, your arms are likely to be bent, making this position even more stressful on our bodies. People spend hours each day on their phones, tablets, computers and consoles, holding that same damaging position. It was coined by the US Chiropractor Dr Fishman in while examining a year-old patient who came in complaining of headaches and neck pain.

The average human head weighs 10 pounds 4. For every inch 2. Just think about how many hours a. Be more active! Increasing activity and encouraging extracurricular sports will help the body to become stronger, meaning these issues are less likely to occur in the first place. Reduce the daily time at a desk and on devices This can be tricky as school and homework often require a child to be sat at a desk, therefore we need to look at trying to help with the posture at home.

Chiropractic care is a must to treat and prevent spinal issues As chiropractors we can help with finding what specific structures are being affected and damaged then fix them! Diana Narvaez is a Chiropractor specialising in children and is available for consultation and treatments at CostaSpine.

The Butterfly Condition, or Epidermolysis bullosa EB is one of these, but it is no less serious for being rare and the suffering it causes is such that it deserves our attention and support. This may seem a minor detail, given the overall complexity of the human body, but where you and I heal quickly when we scratch or chafe our skins, sufferers.

We speak of Butterfly children because the condition starts at birth, or in milder cases once the little ones begin to crawl and move around. Even the slightest scratch, bump or friction produces wounds that almost never heal and are added to in intensity and number over time, in some cases leading to fatal cancers or narrowing.

It is horrible to think that a relatively small genetic mutation can cause so much pain and suffering, and it could happen to anyone as parents are unknowingly carriers of the condition. In fact, one in people is a carrier, resulting in over half a million boys and girls having EB around the world.

Imagine how restrictive this is, when the kind of robust playing of children is out of the question and even walking, sleeping or getting dressed can be agonising. Butterfly children require constant care, as their wounds need dressing and the bandages have to be regularly changed. The truth is, they cannot cope with it all themselves and need the financial, medical, practical and emotional support of others.

The level of help provided by state and private healthcare entities varies from country to country, but it usually falls well short of what is needed. It is to provide a community of support for Butterfly children and their parents that DEBRA was founded and has grown into a worldwide organisation dedicated to treatment and also medical research.

By not fracturing but forming national parts of a single global organisation, DEBRA can pool its resources effectively into one research pot and lobby for more support and awareness. Working together with medical practitioners throughout the country but entirely dependent upon donations for its funding, DEBRA was founded in Spain by a couple whose child was born with EB. Though financially solvent themselves, they realised many other parents would not have the same resources and established the organisation in Spain some 27 years ago, with its headquarters in Marbella.

Today, the team consists of dedicated professionals made up of four nurses, three community workers and two psychologists who help parents to deal with the situation and overcome their grief. Whenever a child is born in Spain with EB — which occurs some ten times per year — they visit the parents within 24 hours, offering their support and instructions to the local medical practitioners required for the specialised care. Latest high tech equipment includes the newest Siemens hemodynamic cath lab for cardio-vascular interventions: coronary and peripheral artery stenting procedures, pacemaker insertion, interventional, non-surgical heart valve repair TAVI newest European cardiology guidelines , 3D Cardiac Ultrasound, various dynamic stress test procedures, advanced arrhythmia diagnostics, cardiac CT and MRI.

Co-located at HCinternational Hospital Marbella, CardioCare benefits from the unique high standard hospital infrastructure offered. Though times are hard in the current circumstances, having a charity that does such noble work in our midst deserves the support of us all! Tel: Within it, The Secret represents the very pinnacle of modern exclusivity and refinement. The development of luxurious villas was on line to be launched to market with average prices at 2. Rather than delaying its launch due to the Covid situation, Otero has decided to.

The Costa del Sol now has over 50 years of collective experience in creating five-star deluxe living environments and a superlative lifestyle, catering to an ever-evolving yet always discerning clientele comprised of many nationalities. The locations may vary from hillside to near the beach, or range from villas and mansions to penthouses, but the ingredients of quality, style, service, security, refinement, amenities, peace and privacy have to all be just right to attract people who can choose from locations around the world.

Sometimes the resulting offering is more appealing than at other times, but every now and again there is a gem that looks and feels like the culmination of so many years of fine-tuning luxury and exclusivity. The Secret Marbella has this sense, and the fact that it forms part of an extensive residential resort set in the midst of expansive natural scenery makes it even more so. Within Real de La Quinta, most eyes will be fixed upon the manmade lake, golf courses and amenities at the heart of the green valley, but the finest plots are reserved for The Secret, which forms a collection of superlative villas that embody what privilege and quality of life mean in the 21st century.

Here, just minutes. The concept that gave rise to The Secret is the desire to create the ultimate in modern living — dream villas in a dreamlike setting. The homes,. Given this, the villas are designed by lifestyle; shaped in the service of wellbeing. Otero Turnkey Services forms the core of this, a service that enables homeowners to enjoy a stunning home created. Your designer villa is conceived to be entirely in sync with the seasons, offering a summer lounge and kitchen that can be totally opened up to the panoramic terraces to create one large living space, while on another floor the winter lounge and kitchen form a cosy living area for the cooler times of the year.

The basement area which features full-length windows, can be customised entirely to your needs, into a games rooms, gym, bar, home cinema, office, private spa or additional bedroom suites. It all forms part of an exclusive gated resort community that offers the best of both worlds in being part. The Secret itself will offer additional security, being the first development in the area to include armed guards. The lake, manmade beach, club, golf course, racquet club and riding centre embody the country club experience that fits so well into the Marbella environment.

An entire integrated team of designers, technicians and builders is on hand to style your own dream villa, from original concept to decoration, gardens and finishing touches. Every plot here offers its own perspectives, characteristics and inspiration for buyer and architect alike. They set the tone for the unique gradient, orientation, vistas, distribution and ambience of the.

Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe Urb. La Carolina, B, Marbella. Featuring the seductive styling and landscaping of Melvin Villarroel, La Morera Playa is a rare oasis of parkland greenery set in a spectacular frontline beach location at Los Monteros. Given the choice, those who come first will invariably opt for prime locations right on the beach — and Marbella is certainly no exception — so while there are many luxurious properties available it is very hard to find a modern home in such a top frontline beach location.

La Morera Playa is one of the most exciting newly released developments in Marbella exactly because — for a combination of reasons — it offers just that. Even in the early s, when the project broke ground, its situation in a peaceful, private beachside setting was considered to be so special that it warranted only the very best design, construction and specifications.

As a result, the 45 luxurious apartments and penthouses that make up La Morera Playa were laid out in small, elegant blocks set within large sections of semitropical gardens through which water features flow. Melvin Villarroel, the celebrated architect commissioned to give shape to the project, was known for his sensual Moorish-inspired style and the wonderful green zones and cascading rock pools he created. The views take in a wide expanse of Mediterranean Sea shimmering brightly under blue skies, tracing the sandy shoreline towards the Bay of Marbella in an area that is home to the finest sandy beaches and dunes in all of the Costa del Sol.

This meant the required licences could not be obtained and the project remained in a legal limbo. The fund's administrators who acquired 31 luxurious properties in La Morera Playa, instructed Caracuel Abogados to prepare the documentation needed for final legalisation, and the. This, in combination with beautifully modernised and refitted homes with gorgeous open-plan interiors and panoramic terraces, is a winning formula — especially when you factor in ample green spaces, lovely water features, unbeatable sea views, gated.

In a region where the past decade has been dedicated to the more minimalist, more compact high-tech kind of home, La Morera Playa is a reminder of many of the things we love best about Marbella while also offering the latest comforts, technologies and refinement.

The real estate company maintains its optimistic forecasts for the forthcoming months, since the latest restrictions may consolidate this change in the market. The Vithas Group of 19 hospitals continues to make significant advances in medical procedures, with the Xanit possessing one of the most advanced laser platforms for ophthalmological treatments and the hospital having completed more than. Vithas and GE Healthcare have recently established a strategic alliance for the application of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in the on-going development of hospital technology.

Responsible for design icons like the Ferrari Testarossa see the feature on Pininfarina in essential's May edition , the project comprises 37 intelligent contemporary apartments located at the principal entrance to Estepona. Pioneered by Kaspar Huijsman over fourteen years ago, the Marbella office has already established a clientele of thousands of investors. Following their collaboration with Saxo Bank last year, the team were able to extend their services to an even wider audience.

Our team knows many of our customers personally and we are committed to taking care of them and guiding them to invest smarter. To see more images of www. A gigantic crane hoisted the vessel into position in the resort's Lago swimming pool where visitors are able to admire its sleek lines.

The interior of the timepiece features an automatic chronograph with 42 hours of power reserve and luminescent hands. With ratings of 9. The green energy broker will take care of everything including survey, installation and registration.

All panels come with a year guarantee and low-cost finance options are available. O Jerez. The prolific developer, responsible for more than 7, homes throughout Spain, will support the Marbella Rugby Club Program which is affiliated with 17 schools and colleges of Marbella, comprising over 3, students, and will sponsor the senior team during the season, whose rugby shirts will bear the logo of Soul Marbella AEDAS Homes.

Providing our home with good lighting enables us to go about our daily lives in comfort and to enjoy our free time knowing we can relax fully. If we also have efficient outdoor lighting, we can practise our favourite sport at any time,. In recognition of its 50th anniversary year, the Nao Victoria Foundation brought the sailing ship to the Port where it could be visited by members of the public.

Located in San Pedro on Calle Jose Pintor Caballero, just behind Supersol, this beautifully decorated restaurant offers an entirely innovative menu centred around ketogenic diet principles. A low carb, high fat way of eating that can help achieve weight loss, blood sugar management, and other health-related goals.

It is also entirely sugar-free and gluten-free, so perfect. Health benefits aside, the menu is dynamic, delicious and caters to all dietary preferences including lots of plant-based options. Keto Royale also pride themselves on sourcing quality ingredients locally and make everything in-house including their already renowned Keto breads and homemade sauces. The family run restaurant opened in February of The food is made with love and care which truly is evident once you taste it! Open Daily for Dinner from Diners can choose from three dishes, starter, main course and dessert, opt for the weekly dish or choose a vegetarian alternative.

Overnight stays are also available in the adjacent suites. They have also created a range of bags and boxes for Take Away, so you can enjoy their special dishes at home. Renowned Italian eatery, Da Bruno, has launched a Take Away Delivery Gourmet service whereby aficionados of fine Italian food can enjoy the same quality and freshness of the dishes they have come to love from the chain of restaurants, in the comfort of their own homes. Arriving with innovative packaging to keep the food flavour-packed, check out the tasty temptations you can order on their new www.

Lovers of the finest Japanese cuisine can now savour the new setting, which invites diners to relax in a refined atmosphere comprising wood, stone and ambient lighting. Vegetarian options and a full range of side orders are also part of the enjoyable experience. Only open a few months, the Diana Carvery, frontline on the upper level of the Diana Centre, has become a firm favourite with locals, thanks to their succulent roast meats, served with all the trimmings.

How Long Beach students are turning mail into the most personal art. The postal envelope is the canvas in a creative exchange between high school students and professional artists that aims to break down barriers. The disclosure of the internal HFPA vote comes as the organization behind the Golden Globes continues to face fierce criticism after a recent L. Times investigation. Alamo Drafthouse theater chain files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid pandemic woes. The Texas-based chain will sell its assets to private equity firms Altamont Capital Partners and Fortress Investment Group as part of a reorganization.

UTA acquires U. UTA said it acquired U. Mary J. This year, L. Morgan Wallen fans vote him back onto Tennessee radio after racist-slur controversy. An overthinker has a miscarriage in a novel both lurid and painfully cerebral. Review: Why do women stay with toxic men? A debut novel has some uncomfortable answers. Bestsellers List Sun.

Why it took Sister Souljah 22 years to write a followup to her groundbreaking novel. Things to do. Our list of over 80 women-owned businesses in L. From plants to clothes to architecture. Hero Complex. In the wake of J. Real Estate. LeBron James braces for a loss on Brentwood mansion. All Sections. About Us. Brand Publishing. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Second Opinion. Music David Crosby on dinner with Joni, Phoebe Bridgers and the 50th anniversary of his haunted solo debut.

More Coverage L. More Coverage Who really gives out the Golden Globes? A tiny group full of quirky characters — and no Black members. More Coverage Disney California Adventure park to reopen for food and shopping event. Disneyland killed its annual pass program. Why, and what comes next? More Coverage Healthcare heroes, how is art helping you right now? Latest stories. Books How an admiral and a war vet-turned-novelist teamed up on a smart technothriller. Enter email address.

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