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East boston has 1 gambling facility

Casino opponents in Foxboro celebrated the vote while casino supporters there claimed, according to media reports, that the town was letting opportunity slip away. James Timilty D-Walpole , who represents Foxboro, told the News Service Tuesday that in the wake of the selectmen's race voting, he's "quite certain that it will be almost impossible to get sited" a casino in Foxboro, the home of the New England Patriots professional football franchise owned by Kraft.

There's no doubt," Timilty said. I could care less. That's for everybody else. And there were some communities, the infrastructure and the neighborhoods can't withstand that type of , and I think that what we wanted was , somewhere in the commonwealth so that we could take some of the Massachusetts money away from Connecticut.

That's the idea. We need it here somewhere in Massachusetts where it's wanted. It wasn't wanted in Foxboro. Yesterday's election demonstrates the community's will and Wynn Resorts respects the outcome. We would like to thank all the Foxboro residents who supported the proposed resort and reached out to discuss the opportunity.

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Robert Kraft and The Kraft Group for the introduction to the town of Foxboro and support on this project. We have the greatest respect for Steve Wynn, his team and his business model, and believe this unique opportunity was worthy of a chance to be heard. With Monday's election, we believe the citizens of Foxboro have spoken. As we originally committed, we have heard them and respect their collective voice.

Carl Levin talk up natural gas-powered cars in a Wall Street Journal op-ed column. State officials move in to deal with skyrocketing flood insurance premiums. No word if police scratched the speeding ticket. CommonWealth offers a little context for those reports by the Globe and the Herald on the rise of six-figure salaries in state government. The showdown with Everett over the eastern Massachusetts license gets second billing to the fight over a possible ballot question that would put a full scale repeal before Bay State voters in November.

But the anti-casino group received an injunction from the Supreme Judicial Court and continued to collect signatures for their ballot question after justices agreed to hear the case. The signature drive gathered more than 70, names, more than enough to vault over the 68, signature threshold, and move the question onto the November ballot. Repeal the Casino Deal continues to develop its high court arguments, but some outlines of its possible legal strategies are clear.

Casino supporters also have a compelling argument to make about gaming and voter intent. With Revere and Everett registering their strong support for casinos, those cities may hop on the nullification bandwagon, too. Opponents have a tough road ahead. The casino industry has a near-bottomless reservoir of cash available to deploy the best legal team that money can buy.

Repeal the Casino Deal is actively soliciting donations. The Patrick administration and key lawmakers are pushing legislation that would pave the way for the importation of Canadian hydroelectricity to help replace power lost as existing plants are retired, CommonWealth reports. More details emerge about the nonprofit entity headed by former congressman Bill Delahunt that was awarded three lucrative licenses to sell medical marijuana, including the fact that the firm plans to award 50 percent of its revenue to a management firm Delahunt also controls.

Former state senator — and federal inmate — Dianne Wilkerson is back and reflects sort of on what landed her in prison. State Rep. John Keenan of Salem plans to step down after a decade in office; he has no immediate plans but denies he has a job lined up with Footprint Power, the company building a natural gas-fired power plant in town, the Salem News reports.

The MBTA pension fund may release more information after all. Proposed slots facilities in Plainville and Leominster seem to have an edge over Raynham Park as the decision nears, the Associated Press reports. Independent gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk touts himself as pragmatic and progressive, the Lowell Sun reports. The midterm elections will star Bill Clinton , because obviously. More single-family homes were sold last month than in any other January in the last seven years but real estate agents say the market is being held back by a lack of inventory.

The growth of home prices nationally begins to slow. Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey wants federal regulators to approve Narcan , the fast-acting treatment to reverse drug overdoses, for over-the-counter sales to make it more available to drug users and their families and friends.

Framingham officials expand their measles warning, WBUR reports. State transportation officials want to build a second Sagamore Bridge — possibly with tolls — leading on to the Cape to ease traffic bottlenecks, NECN reports. CommonWealth has the filings here and here. The State Fire Marshal and Middleboro fire chief are outraged over a plea deal given to a Middleboro man charged with arson in at least three fires that will result in a prison sentence of less than three years offered by the judge rather than the eight to 10 years sought by prosecutors.

Bristol County jail officials are investigating a fight between former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and another inmate. An author who landed a book deal based on his Goldman Sachs elevator gossip Twitter account will still publish , despite revelations this week that he never actually worked at Goldman.

By Michael Jonas 0 Comments Feb 10, Less well known is the fact that sometimes, apparently, what the house wins is your house. A number of experts the Globe talked to called it highly unusual for casinos to look to attach liens to homes to collect debts.

Foxwoods declined to comment. With studies suggesting problem gamblers account for anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of casino revenue, the casino business model is, in fact, built on imprudence and poor decision-making. In , the Globe reports, Cutler filed for bankruptcy protection, which saved his house. He died three years later at age Senate President Therese Murray , who would have had to relinquish her post atop the Senate next March because of term-limit rules, announced that she will not seek reelection this fall and will leave office at the end of the current session next January.

The story was first reported in her local paper, the Old Colony Memorial. Republican state Rep. Vinny DeMacedo of Plymouth immediately threw his hat in the ring. Stretches of asphalt on 16 streets in Lawrence are breaking up, in part because the repaving was done too late in the season on orders from the former mayor, William Lantigua, the Eagle-Tribune reports.

The New York Times casts the fight over the federal minimum wage as a case study in Washington power politics. This morning the paper reports on a Sunday Cambridge caucus where Attorney General Martha Coakley supporters grabbed 8 of 10 delegate slots, with backers of Cambridge resident Juliette Kayyem getting the other two. State party leaders say no candidate had a breakout performance at the caucuses. Hank Naughton is bowing out of the Democratic race for attorney general.

Massachusetts Republicans have a tough road ahead , according to The Berkshire Eagle. With Sen. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Stonehill College political science professor Peter Ubertaccio has a smart take on South Coast rail, arguing that Charlie Baker offers a thoughtful and nuanced response on an issue where his Democratic counterparts are resorting to some time-honored pandering. Nearly people turned out over the weekend for a protest outside the proposed natural gas plant in Salem.

The proposed plant would replace a much dirtier coal plant, but the crowd opposes any new fossil fuel power plants, the Salem News reports. Signs of spring and climate change : Right whales are beginning to return — earlier than they have in years past.

Beat the Press ponders whether Fox News is giving Scott Brown a platform to campaign for the New Hampshire Senate seat without declaring his candidacy. The last time a casino deal blew up on Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan , he shrugged it off as the cost of rolling the dice. Tuesday, Flanagan will sidle up to the table again, and again try to land a casino for his city.

The partnership will be unveiled at a City Hall press conference today. Flanagan and the casino operator have agreed on the outlines of a casino development, which would include a ,square-foot gambling floor, a room hotel, several shops and restaurants, and convention space.

Foxwoods is still eligible to bid on another casino license because it passed its state background check late last year. Fall River, meanwhile, launched a failed bid three years ago to host a tribal casino. Flanagan brought the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to town from Middleborough , where the tribe had been trying to build a federally sanctioned tribal casino.

With his new Foxwoods partnership, Flanagan now finds himself maneuvering against his onetime Mashpee partners. The tribe settled on a Taunton site for its proposed casino after its Fall River deal fell apart. The Mashpee are currently trying to have their Taunton property recognized as a federal casino reservation, but face several legal hurdles.

Alarmed by a spate of fires destroying historic landmarks in New Bedford , a preservation group has teamed up with area legislators to push a bill that would give a 50 percent tax credit to organizations that install fire suppression systems in historic buildings.

A Herald editorial calls embattled state Rep. A spate of January murders has Boston on edge about a surge in gang-fueled gun violence. Mayor Marty Walsh vows action, but CommonWealth asked last week whether the city and its new police commissioner really have a real strategy for addressing gun violence.

A grassroots effort has sprouted to keep the USS Salem in Quincy , after the MBTA announced it will not fix the damaged commuter boat wharfit owns where the former Navy ship is docked because the costs are too high. The Tyngsboro Board of Selectmen vote to allow a pub to hire performers dressed in bikinis and Speedos, the Sun reports. A movement is underway to allow towns on the Cape to vote on whether they want to continue working with the Cape Cod Commission regional planning agency.

Dartmouth residents turned out at a public hearing to oppose a move to change to a mayor-town council system of government , with many saying the current structure of selectmen-Town Meeting would work fine with a few tweaks. State of the Union? Not, in fact, so horribly, awfully bad, says a Globe editorial.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan measure to delay the implementation of new flood insurance maps and rates that caused sticker shock for homeowners in coastal communities but House Speaker John Boehner remains opposed to the bill. House Republican leaders agree on the outlines of an immigration reform package that could lead to legal status — but not citizenship — for 11 million.

Daniel Rivera , who defeated Lantigua in the race for mayor, is refusing to pay the overrun, the Eagle-Tribune reports. A Republican businessman from Wellesley is jumping into the race for treasurer, the Associated Press reports. Back to the future: Shoemaking start-ups are sprouting in the Boston area, once a center of the shoe industry. San Francisco tries to ease its longstanding housing supply crunch.

The dropout rate at public high schools across the state falls to its lowest level in three decades, but it went up at English High School in Lynn , the Item reports. Boston , Lawrence , and Springfield saw sharp decreases in dropouts, the Globe reports. Keller Large thinks political leaders who get chauffeured around lose touch with the real world and should think about taking the wheel themselves on occasion.

Garrett Quinn argues that using the Olympics as an excuse to fix the MBTA is a monumentally stupid idea, and that the only dumber idea is not fixing the T at all. The Brayton Point coal plant will close in , after all, despite the request from ISO-New England that the owners delay their plans to shutter the facility. The Marine Corps announced it will seek to retry Sgt.

Barnstable police solve an oyster poaching case. Jerry Remy says he will return to broadcast Red Sox games this coming season; he had stepped down last season after his son was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, the Associated Press reports. The Wall Street Journal wonders aloud about the economics behind the online news boom. Pete Seeger , an icon of American song and social change, has died at By James Aloisi 0 Comments Jan 21, My support has everything to do with my view that the process surrounding gaming on this site has been rigged, that the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box is being ignored or given short shrift, and that the people of East Boston are once again being dealt a bad hand by those who would put profit before people.

In the s and s, East Boston was challenged by a series of transportation planning decisions that threatened to snuff out the vitality and the viability of the close-knit middle class neighborhood. Entire streets were demolished and obliterated from the map, and the burdens of noise and air pollution and traffic congestion had a negative impact on the desirability of the community as a residential neighborhood.

East Boston endured much, but it fought back. Massport was forced to find a less intrusive way to expand its footprint when the mothers refused to leave, and the Mayor Kevin White stood shoulder to shoulder with them. In the intervening years, the community has developed a rapprochement of sorts with Massport, and has focused on developing itself as an affordable, transit-oriented neighborhood with great public parks and stunning harbor views.

East Boston took its future into its own hands, and did more than survive — it succeeded, and in many ways it is a model of what a multi-ethnic mixed income urban environment ought to be. This progress is being directly jeopardized by the prospect of a casino at Suffolk Downs.

Imagine that you are the mayor of Boston, and you have a acre, largely undeveloped site in your city that is two minutes away from an international airport and adjacent to two MBTA stations and an urban wetland. And the owner tells you he wants to use the land for horse stables and a roadway system to feed into another city.

You might throw that person out of your office, or at least question his sanity. But that is exactly what Suffolk Downs is proposing to do on this site. The Suffolk Downs proposal currently before the Gaming Commission would have devastating transportation impacts on East Boston, the city, and the region. It would make the Ted Williams tunnel and the approaches to it significantly more congested and less functional.

It would turn many streets in East Boston into mini-highways, diminishing pedestrian safety and convenience, making local traffic even more challenging, driving up local auto insurance rates, and driving down property values. No mitigation package will ever make East Boston residents whole for those additional auto insurance costs or for the loss in their property values. Moreover, there is no enforceable private sector commitment to pay for costly maintenance of this infrastructure over time.

It would require the state and the city to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on transportation improvements to the highway, roadway, and transit systems, and it would trigger a transportation maintenance bill that would be a drain on other more pressing needs throughout the Commonwealth.

There is currently not one nickel in any current or proposed state transportation plan for any of these improvements or maintenance costs — what other projects in other regions of the state will have to be put on hold to pay for this? The good news is that East Boston has developed its own positive vision for the site — one that could be a win-win for all parties.

This is a positive and forward looking platform for development in East Boston and the Suffolk Downs site. There is no question that the uses currently proposed for the Boston portion of the site make no sense for either the public or private sector interests. Some casino advocates argue that the owners of Suffolk Downs are entitled to do whatever they want with the land they own, but that is 19th century thinking.

In our times, appropriate public regulation of land use and development is neither novel nor controversial. There can be an outcome that everyone can embrace, but that outcome will only be reached once the ill-advised casino proposal is finally rejected either by the Gaming Commission or by a court, or by the people at the ballot box if the proposed initiative repeal is given a green light.

East Boston residents have a long and rich history of fighting for their survival, and insisting on a future that is bright, optimistic, and uplifting. They took their future into their own hands once before, and they are doing it again. Jim Aloisi is a former state secretary of transportation. His most recent book is The Vidal Lecture. By Jack Sullivan 0 Comments Nov 21, The result has been a wave of rejections that has left the fledgling Massachusetts casino industry hanging by a thread.

In some ways, a similar storyline is emerging with the medical marijuana bill passed by voters last year by a nearly margin. But, unlike gambling, it is the elected official side of the equation that is working to derail the facilities. Today is the deadline for those hoping for one of the 35 available marijuana dispensary licenses to file their Phase 2 application. A number of towns, mainly through selectmen, town councils, and zoning boards, have placed moratoriums on siting dispensaries or cultivation facilities within their boundaries, icing applicants out of the first round.

Sometimes, it only takes a negative signal from a local leader to send would-be pot purveyors on their way. A Boston group seeking to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Newton wants to site its cultivation facility in Swansea after meeting resistance on the Cape.

You would think, though, that elected officials at all levels would take the temperature of their constituency before setting off on a path on any hot button issues such as gambling or drugs. A new study from Western New England University Polling Institute finds that 74 percent of adults statewide support medical marijuana , above the 63 to 37 margin of victory for the ballot question in Back then, only two communities — Lawrence and Mendon — rejected the referendum, both by the margin of So why the disconnect?

Former congressman and one-time Norfolk district attorney William Delahunt is the latest to get into the medical pot business , becoming a partner in a group trying to site a dispensary in Plymouth. Former Senate minority leader Brian Lees is part of a nonprofit looking to get a license for a Springfield facility.

And former state senator Stephen Buonoconti , now a lobbyist, is an officer in another group that won initial approval for a dispensary but has not decided whether to move forward or not. So the dance goes on. Who will lead whom? One of Gov. Could Tim Murray , the former lieutenant governor and now the head of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, be interested?

A New Jersey law that mandated the sale of user-restricted firearms once the technology became available will soon kick in , and push traditional handguns out of the state. The highest court in the Dominican Republic has moved to strip citizenship from Dominicans born in Haiti; The move has sparked an international furor and members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation are among those who have written to the president of the country to protest the decision.

The conservative Weekly Standard says Ocean Grove, New Jersey , was denied federal assistance by the Obama administration in the wake of Hurricane Sandy because of its founding by Methodists that resulted in religiously based ordinances that includes a ban on gay marriage.


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We also ensure that City buildings are accessible to all residents, meet or exceed life safety codes, and are constructed with maximum efficiency and sustainability in mind. Our legal staff ensures that our contracting processes follow these Massachusetts General Laws :. Skip to Main Content. Main menu. COVID information. Back to top. Public Facilities We support other City of Boston departments in the planning, design, construction, and major renovations of City-owned buildings.

Boston , MA COVID schedule. Wednesdays, 9 a. City Hall Plaza renovation. We're moving toward a more accessible and connected public space at Boston's civic heart. Renovation information. Bid opening results archive. Learn about our work. Residents there approved the plans by an overwhelming 86 percent, and East Boston opponents thought they were home free. The owners of Suffolk Downs said they had abandoned the idea of a casino, and were considering other development options for the property.

Even if the ballot measure is approved, the proposed slot parlor faces an uphill climb. Stephen P. Crosby, chairman of the State Gaming Commission, has said awarding more casino licenses would be unfair to the developers who won licenses under the original rules.

Three casinos have received licenses. City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina, who represents East Boston, said that casino opponents will continue their campaign. Sean P. Murphy can be reached at smurphy globe. Follow him on Twitter spmurphyboston. Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to the wrong ballot question.

The slots parlor referendum is known as Question 1. East Boston gears up to fight a casino, once again By Sean P. Murphy Globe Staff, September 23, , a. Email to a Friend. View Comments.

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Email to a Friend. We may just stay cool is approved, the proposed slot parlor faces an uphill climb. Murphy can be reached at. This material may not be. Follow him on Twitter spmurphyboston. PARAGRAPHResidents there approved the plans said they had abandoned the and East Boston opponents thought designation that carries considerably less. Correction: A previous version of published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina, who represents East Boston, said that By Sean P. East Boston gears up to fight a casino, once again. The Mohegan Sun proposal emerged by an overwhelming 86 percent, Boston neighborhood rejected an earlier plan by the Suffolk Downs.

Suffolk Downs is a horse racing facility in East Boston, Massachusetts with two tracks that feature thoroughbred The property has five restaurants and one bar. Encore Boston Harbor is a luxury resort and casino located in Everett, Massachusetts, and In September , the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted 3–1 to approve Wynn Resorts was awarded an official gaming license from the state to 6 New Street East Boston, and the World Trade Center in South Boston. Suffolk Downs is a former Thoroughbred race track in East Boston, Massachusetts, United After parimutuel betting was legalized in Massachusetts​, the Eastern Racing Association On May 1, , a group led by Boston importer John C. Pappas acquired control of The facility remains open for simulcasting year-round.