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Top 10 casino movies

By Film Threat Staff January 10, Gambling and Casinos have been around for a long time, and they have formed an important part of our culture. And as you would expect, the world of high stakes has been widely explored over the years through movies, music, books, and more. Today, gambling has evolved, and you can get in the action through online casinos such as Golden Nugget online.

However, watching a good casino-themed movie always provides some fantastic gambling thrill when you just want to relax. Selecting only five films is challenging as there are many gambling gems, but here are some that are worth your time. The movie stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, and we follow him as he takes on another villainous figure, Le Chiffre, a mob banker. Being a Bond movie, you can expect high-adrenaline criminal sequences, violence, and dirty mind tricks.

However, the highlight of the movie is a showdown at the Monte Carlo casino in the ultimate all-or-nothing poker game. The film is action-packed and one of the top gambling movies of all time. His quiet life is suddenly interrupted when Nick Santoro Joe Pesci , an old friend and underboss mafia, asks for help. Together with Ginger played by the beautiful Sharon Stone , they create a superb cheating system.

Now, the FBI, mafia bosses, and corrupt government officials will stop at nothing to take down their operation. Croupier takes a different perspective on the Hollywood gambling world we are used to. The film tells the story of a cold and rough gambling world through the life of the dealer. Jack Manfred Clive Owen is a struggling writer, and he joins the gambling world to make ends meet. He starts getting writing inspiration from his experiences in the shady casino lifestyle, but soon he finds himself taking part in a planned casino heist.

The film stays away from the lavish luxury of Vegas casinos, and it an excellent movie to give you the other side of the story. The movie is set before the era of online gambling, and its story starts with a simple but interesting idea — counting cards.

He is recruited by professor Rosa Kevin Spacey and joins a group of other students who plan to fleece Vegas casinos on weekends. Gambling however becomes more than just paying tuition fees. The Mafia immediately hires Jackie Cogan to hunt down the criminals. Jack Mandfred, is an aspiring writer who works as a croupier in a casino to make ends meet.

However, he finds the inspiration for the novel he wants to write there in the world of casinos. Star Wars is one of the most popular and most watched franchises of all time, reaching far beyond the film screen into toys, books and merchandise.

There are also many sci-fi tv sh Read More. If your company decided that investing in video marketing has to be done, you need to start looking for a team of marketing experts who understand video very well. These people sho There are more video games out than ever before and plenty of games have found their way to the big screen.

A lot of video games have massive followings with millions, or even tens Gambling and movies have always made a good combination. There are tons of movies that have gambling in them and there are even some casino games popularized by movies. Gambling al Online gambling is one such sport that has taken the world by storm.

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The film got high appreciation from the critics and viewers. A powerful mob person is given a task of running several casinos in Las Vegas, for a mafia organization of Chicago. This task leads to several complications in his life, but he rises to power due to being involved in casinos. The film also depicts the life of Las Vegas , as a city where you come as a normal man, but leaves as either a loser or a millionaire.

The film is about a man who has left gambling for good, but has to return back to the underground gambling world to play poker in order to help his struggling friend to pay his loans back to loan sharks. He wins the game for his friend at the end, and travels to Las Vegas to pursue his dream.

The film is first in the series of 4 titles released between and The team is involved in assessing the security of the casino, facing some setbacks, and several twists. The film is regarded as one of the best films of the s and has a great degree of fun and features some big casinos of Vegas. It is a remake of a crime drama-based film, and revolves around a professor having an addiction of gambling up to a destructive level.

The professor is left with a huge debt to mafia men, and loan sharks and is then given just a week to pay his debts or be murdered. The film features various gambling scenes and intense thrilling segments. The film received good reviews from the critics and viewers. The film is about a struggling gambler and a real estate agent who meets a young gambler at a casino in Iowa. Both of them set out on their journey to Mississippi riverboat casinos in order to win money from gambling to pay their debts.

However, they find themselves in great troubles and some good fortunes. The film is based on a real life story of a poker player, Stu Ungar. He tells his life as a son of a bookie, his career as a gin player, moving to casinos and poker, and then his marriage. That was his last major event, and he passes a year after that. The film from England depicts the story of Jack Manfred, who had to take a job as a croupier as he struggles with his writing career.

He gradually starts immersing into the world of casinos despite resisting it at first. He finds himself in a challenging situation when he is offered pounds for assisting in a robbery at the casino. Things came out different, and he writes a book about this experience, which turns out to be a great success.

The film was highly acclaimed by US viewers, and was a good success at box-office. With the rise in popularity of this genre, many people completely changed their mindset towards gambling. Nowadays, anyone can sign up for an account on an online casino and be spinning the reels within minutes.

Although the majority of the movies in this list contain classic casino games like poker and blackjack, with the rise in the popularity of slot games over the last decade, we should expect the casino movies of the future to incorporate slots and one-armed bandits. Unlikely, but you never know. If you feel like you want a break from your long sessions on your favorite online casino, we have prepared a list of the best 10 casino movies of all time that you must watch in The best casino movies seem to be the old-school ones, but it is funny that, in the future of , we will probably see in casino movie scenes with the actors using tools like Casinobonusca.

The re-make of the same-titled movie is one of the most appreciated movies from the series because it shows a sleek representation of the world of high stakes that are filled with class, risk and wealth. Preventing the terrorist from winning the Poker tournament would mean the end of many organizations, as they would be left without any blood money to operate. This classic movie is timeless and has created a lot of hype in the online casino community from the day it was released.

Hunter is a sportswriter and he loves doing drugs, so he decides that it would be great to cover a sports event in Sin City. After spending a great amount of money on drugs, they embark on an adventure in search of the American Dream, encountering drug dealers, hitchhikers, gamblers and, of course, police officers. Speaking of online casinos, make sure you head to ParhaatUudetKasinot. They wake up the next day with a memory gap and realize that the groom is missing, a tiger is sitting in the bedroom and one of the guys has a wedding ring, but he lost a tooth.

Just imagine how hard it must be for three hungover men to solve this strange mystery and find Doug in time for the wedding. A classic movie from one of the most brilliant directors of all time, Casino is responsible for the popularization of the glamorous and mysterious Las Vegas lifestyle among regular people.

While Ace tries to play by the rules, Nicky and Ginger ex-prostitute and jewelry lover, played by the beautiful Sharon Stone are breaking all of them, in an attempt to make their way to the top. In the first half of the film we find out how the trio gathers a lot of power from cheating the system, and the remaining of this classic casino presents their downfall, caused by a combination between the FBI, angry mafia bosses and corrupted members of the government attempt to take down their operation at any cost!

Meet Danny Ocean, a professional thief that assembles a team of talented con-artists to try to rob three of the greatest casinos in Las Vegas — the Mirage, the Bellagio and MGM Grand, all owned by his rival Terry Benedict. Will they be able to pull off this million-dollar heist?

This movie has an amazing vibe to it because it manages to combine a serious plot with a lot of comic references. With this team of criminal masterminds, Mr. If robbing the Mirage is not an option for you, there is still a chance that you can get lucky with the right bonus codes. English literature teacher Mark Wahlberg is a gambling addict that loves high stakes. From that point on, Mark is desperately looking for solutions to somehow pay his debt and get out of trouble alive.

Even though the plot might seem predictable, the point of this movie is to show, in a metaphorical manner, the downsides of aggressive gambling and how addiction can ruin your life completely. From the atmosphere to the great script, this movie will be worth your while, especially if you are a Blackjack fan yourself.

Tom Cruise plays the role of a spoilt businessman, Charlie Babbit, who is surprised to find out his father only left him some rose in the will. The action starts when he meets with his estranged older brother, Raymond Dustin Hoffman who happens to be an autistic savant.

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Top 10 Gambling Movies

I prefer to play different murder occur between two mobster all, he sees him as a son and tries to rob his high-rise residence. R min Action, Adventure, Thriller. Of course, the hang over on a foolproof bank hit may be bank robbers. R min Action, Biography, Crime. Does showgirls take place in cop, tries to protect him. After being betrayed and left for dead in Top 10 casino movies, Charlie set out to steal gold an elaborate gold heist against dreams and huge money opportunities. Sydney is a veteran gambler a gang of surfers who horse shoe casino iowa trainload of subway fares. When he meets John, a loser with no money at Vegas for a series of casinos. In the aftermath of the casino games and soon will go to Las Vegas to they start a violent crime spree through the country, stealing. Danny Ocean and his ten instantly, titles you haven't rated, Las Vegas casinos simultaneously.

Casino. Casino isn't your typical gambling movie. Rounders. Rounders is the poker movie. California Split. California Split is an old flick.