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Game grub planetside 2



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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Usage Attribution 3. Log in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums. Outfits and The Meat Grinder. Since Lattice was implemented I feel the game has become monotonous and players are encouraged to play solo instead of work together.

In SOE's effort to appeal to the COD fans, outfits have suffered the most, almost ruining the most rewarding part of the game. The outfit which I am part of has last a large player base, Platoon leaders are pointless, and squad leaders have a hard time lost in the chaos. Its sometimes more fun to lone wolf it these days. How has Lattice affected Your Outfit? Quigby , Jun 3, I don't play much BF3 anymore, in favour of PS2. I don't have anything against any of these games, but I just wanted a different experience.

Boomotang , Jun 3, I shall now proceed to mock you for your idiotic claim that SOE is catering to a group who plays a game that consists of small maps, no vehicles, timed battles, and limited team size. You sir, are a fool of the highest standards. A gerbil can put more thought and care into a complaint than you. Furthermore, you wouldn't know tactics if it slapped you in the face. Where did this 'COD fans' stuff come from?

If there's been any group that has promoted the lattice it's been the ex-S1 players who are the mortal enemy of COD and in fact any other fish you care to mention, excluding the VS naturally. Crashsplash , Jun 3, Ash87 , Jun 3, I've said it before and I'll say it again, our small outfit has been loving the Lattice. Certainly not perfect, and we await further optimization and implementation of other meta elements, but we love it.

Hosp , Jun 3, PS1 had lattice. And PS1 was a total CoD clone. DrunkenDonuts , Jun 3, Zakuak , Jun 3, Konfuzfanten , Jun 3, Not everyone is completely on-board with the lettuce in IR, but it really does allow us to shine.

Contrary to popular or, at the very least, a very vocal minority belief, larger and longer-lasting battles allow for tactics and organization to shine. Sometimes things turn into a grinder, but battles are a lot more than zerg v. Insofar as the lettuce encourages zerging, it's because outfits haven't learned to adapt to the new playstyle yet. There are many things you can do within a tactically proficient outfit to break a stalemate. If a battle is happening between bases, you can fly over in a galaxy and put pressure on their point.

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