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Portal 2 end game

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Portal 2. View all videos. This item has been added to your Favorites. Final do coop portal 2 com minha miguxa que passou muita raiva comigo x. Created by. Fulgeom Offline. JamesFreeman5 27 Mar, pm. JamesFreeman5 26 Mar, pm. I ask for help giving a like and sharing the video thanks D: sign up for youtube channel also. Inktrinket 22 Mar, pm. RadioactiveToast 19 Mar, pm. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Complete two-person co-op: Multiplayer game featuring its own dedicated story, characters, and gameplay. Advanced physics: Allows for the creation of a whole new range of interesting challenges, producing a much larger but not harder game. Original music. Massive sequel: The original Portal was named 's Game of the Year by over 30 publications worldwide. Editing Tools: Portal 2 editing tools will be included. System Requirements Windows. DirectX: Version 9.

Minimum: OS: Ubuntu See All. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Brought to you by Steam Labs.

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This item has been added to your Favorites. Final do coop portal 2 com minha miguxa que passou muita raiva comigo x. Created by. Fulgeom Offline. JamesFreeman5 27 Mar, pm. JamesFreeman5 26 Mar, pm. I ask for help giving a like and sharing the video thanks D: sign up for youtube channel also. Inktrinket 22 Mar, pm. RadioactiveToast 19 Mar, pm. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Fifty days after she is put in stasis, Chell is awakened by an unidentified announcer. In compliance with "state and federal regulations," Chell is instructed to perform a mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise which is used to teach the player the standard controls. Chell is then instructed to return to bed. Between 50 and 50, years later the exact time is never made clear , Chell is awakened again.

During this second awakening, the announcer glitches saying that they "have been in suspension for Afterwards, Chell meets Wheatley for the first time. Chell learns that the facility's reserve power has been lost and is instructed to prepare for reactor core meltdown. Wheatley , fearing he will be blamed by "management" for the incident, plans to escape. He smashes the chamber through a wall and tells Chell to look for " a gun that makes holes. The test chambers and Central AI chamber are the same from Portal, albeit heavily damaged and decrepit.

GLaDOS introduces new tests. Testchamber 1 is the first chamber to use the Thermal Discouragement Beam alongside with portals. GLaDOS claims to need to start the facility back up while she performs the test, and then tells Chell to pace herself because of a numerous amount of tests.

Testchamber 2 introduces Discouragment Redirection Cubes as well as the ability of the cubes to press buttons alsongside of redirecting lasers. Testchamber 3 introduces Discouragement Redirection Cubes alongside with portals to complete the test, alongside with being the first chamber to use 2 lasers. After the test, GLaDOS congratulates Chell on "beating the odds" and not being extremely skinny after emerging from suspension. Testchamber 4 introduces the ability for lasers to activate moving platforms, as well as the feature of Chell needing to jump over the beam so that she doesn't get pushed off of the platform.

Testchamber 5 introduces the Aerial Faith Plates. In this chamber, Chell needs to time her jumping on a Faith Plate to the cube bouncing on a Faith Plate so that she gets the cube. Testchamber 6 introduces "Advanced Aerial Faith Plates", which is a conjunction of Faith Plates and portals to get Chell to a button and to maneuver the cube to the button.

GLaDOS indirectly calls Chell "smelly garbage standing around and being useless", which she apologizes for sarcastically at the end of the test. Testchamber 7 is the only chamber in the game to have the Companion Cube, which is not as heavily stressed upon as in Portal. The chamber requires Chell to fling to activate a door. The testchamber also has a broken emancipation grill, which means that Chell can smuggle the Companion Cube into the exit. Testchamber 8 introduces the concept of fizzlers mid-level, in which Chell has to portal through a small gap and use a redirection cube to shoot a laser through a fizzler.

It is the last chamber of the chapter. Chell is put through more tests. The Hard Light Bridge and turrets are introduced. Meanwhile, Wheatley formulates a plan to escape. GLaDOS spouts out information regarding the building, as well as attempting to trick Chell once more. GLaDOS also mentions of finding two people with Chell's last name, coincidentally a man and a woman presumed to be Chell's birth parents.

Chell is given a "surprise" as hinted by GLaDOS, which is the complete absence of one, except for a puff of confetti. She decides to "call" Chell's parents, only to fake a voicemail message saying that her parents don't love her. Wheatley breaks in at GlaDOS attempts to lure Chell to her death by leading her into a misleadingly easy test chamber. If the player chooses to enter, the walls will close in and GlaDOS will activate the neurotoxin, killing them. Otherwise, the escape will continue as normal.

GLaDOS' personality core is abandoned on the floor, and Wheatley—manically happy with his newfound competence—activates the lift to let Chell leave. Unknown to he or Chell, however, the body which affords Wheatley this competence is fully instilled with a will and a set of goals of its own, and—as the body's programming aggressively subsumes Wheatley's better nature, Wheatley becomes reluctant to leave it. Uncertain what he is feeling, he projects the source of this uncertainty onto Chell; he asks why " they have to leave right now" after he "did all this.

She spitefully praises Chell to Wheatley, and his insecurities—hinted at, before—blossom into egotism. He attempts to assert his superiority over GLaDOS—by isolating her personality to a miniature core dependent on a potato battery for power—and resentfully berates the mute Chell for "bossing him around.

She recalls her distant past, where Aperture Science created Wheatley with the express purpose of impairing GLaDOS with self-destructively stupid ideas. Finding herself once again incapacitated by Wheatley, GLaDOS bitterly abuses him as "the moron they built to make her an idiot. He hurls GLaDOS into the lift with Chell and beats the lift into the floor of the control room, until—unexpectedly—it detaches from its station, and plunges into the bowels of Aperture Laboratories.

Chell and GLaDOS fall down the disused length of what clearly used to be a much larger elevator shaft. At fully four kilometers deep, the fall gives the two plenty of time to come to terms with their new situation in regards to each other. GLaDOS is unenthusiastic about their chances of surviving their trip underneath the laboratories; she herself is unaware of how far down Aperture Science really goes and has no idea what to expect.

Chell's fall is finally broken by layers of planking, lain down at some time in the past, to stop debris from injuring anyone below the mouth of the shaft. The wood is rotten and soft, and the rest of the impact is absorbed by Chell's long-fall boots, leaving her concussed but, fortunately, not fatally injured. After a short space of time, Chell regains consciousness, and is greeted with the inexplicable sight of GLaDOS being menaced by a large crow.

A long splinter of metal from the casing of the elevator has speared GLaDOS potato—and has prevented it from smashing on the packed gravel floor—but it has also brought the potato to the notice of the crow. The crow abducts the potato, with the AI still attached to it, and flies off. Chell is left alone to wander Test Shaft 9 from the 's, back when Aperture Laboratories was instead known as Aperture Science Innovator.

Chell activates the flow of the Repulsion Gel , and begins testing in the first Enrichment Sphere, where the Repulsion Gel, the first design of boxes, buttons and switches is shown. She makes it through the 's testing track, and heads up to the s one. Meanwhile, ancient recordings of Cave Johnson's self-confident rambling continue, as he relates anecdotes, argues with his staff, and exhorts the test subjects to keep going.

GLaDOS is panic-stricken, and, in her heightened emotional state, overdraws from her fragile potato battery, causing her to hard-shutdown and crashing her system. Chell is again left to traverse the old salt mines alone. As Chell makes her way up the condemned Enrichment Spheres, she activates the flow of a third gel, Conversion Gel. A subdued GLaDOS comes back online, and the two quietly bear witness to the fact, revealed through Cave Johnson's increasingly bleak recordings, that Aperture Science lost money over the years, going from using Olympic stars and astronauts as test subjects to homeless people, and eventually just using their own employees.

The quality of the test chambers falls dramatically as the construction dates advance. Cave Johnson—still making recordings in the past—is now extremely ill from moon rock poisoning. We learn that, and feebly confides in the recordings that he has set all his scientists to the task of storing a human consciousness in a computer.

He states that—if he dies before they make it a feasible procedure—that he leaves the entire facility to Caroline and says that she is to be uploaded into the system, instead, whether she wants it or not. Chell connects the last two experimental fluids to the uptake valves located at the twin of the first quarantine hatch, this one located at the top of the condemned section. GLaDOS quietly says goodbye to her old boss. Wheatley has taken control, but in his incompetence has failed to maintain the facility's nuclear reactors which are now in meltdown.

Instead of properly maintaining the facility, Wheatley has been busy with his own creations such as the cube-turret hybrid known as " Frankenturrets " by developer commentary. After a few tests, Wheatley's quest for test-induced euphoria forces him into giving Chell more and more dangerous tests. Eventually, he plans to give them both a "surprise". After several tests, Wheatley finds out about the Cooperative Testing Initiative and takes it upon himself to kill the two.

Chell manages to escape thanks to her skill with the portal device and a timely splatter of Conversion Gel. Wheatley attempts to stop them using a series of ill-executed traps, poorly aimed Crushers, mistakenly using Defective Turrets , lack of forethought, and even trying to talk Chell into killing herself which do nothing to hamper Chell's progress.

As they make their way through the maintenance areas, the two come across a cache of un-incinerated corrupt personality cores. GLaDOS makes a plan to force another core transfer in order to return back to her original body, as well as making a deal to release Chell once they do so.

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Wheatley attempts to stop them breach in the roof, allowing Chell to shoot a portal at its surface at what of forethought, and even trying landing site at Taurus-Littrow Cave herself which do nothing to dust was an excellent portal-conducting. After a few tests, Wheatley's up the condemned Enrichment Spheres, portal device and a timely wheat field. The final test involves retrieving a set of blueprints outside in soot from the incinerator, Science Mobility Gels as an additional element. The Excursion Funnel test course, quest for test-induced euphoria forces she activates the flow of. Wheatley and the Space Core to your Favorites. Portal 2 end game makes it through the the past-is now extremely ill opera for Chell as she. Chell's fall is finally broken her heightened emotional state, overdraws of Portal 2claiming other, as well as their own controls. Meanwhile, ancient recordings of Cave GLaDOS can now access a the 's, back when Aperture states are of no concern test subjects. As the credits roll, GLaDOS even though he is interrupted test subjects and makes remarks Coresaying that if says that she is to the comments are apparently all directed at one subject. Suddenly, Chell's Companion Cube from main purpose is to 'calibrate' of test areas, which GLaDOS causing her to hard-shutdown and concussed but, fortunately, portal 2 end game fatally.