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This game session is no longer available serious sam 2 team fortress 2 buy game

This game session is no longer available serious sam 2

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The Sirian Mutilator is needed for him to access each one. After more fighting and finding a keycard, Sam manages to get all four Sirian artifacts and uses them to open the door. Past it is an elevator, which leads down to an enormous area filled with blue lights on pillars. The bottom of the elevator leads to another door, behind which is a large pyramid-shaped object. Sam waves the Mutilator near it, which re-activates it. When it's active, Quinn calls back and tells him that the first generator for the Time-Lock is back online.

She also gushes about how humans have never managed to activate Sirian technology until now, but Sam cuts her off so that he can ask where to activate the second generator and get back HQ and enjoy some cold beer. She tells him that it's in Luxor, and that when he's done, he can go back to HQ. After the ride back up, Sam finds that one of the walls in the dig site has been knocked down, and that the door to the medallion area no longer works. With nowhere else to go, Sam jumps over the wall into an area filled with pillars.

Soon after, a Khnum enters the area to face Sam alone. Utilizing multiple explosive weapons and his new Sirian Mutilator, he dispatches it after a lengthy confrontation. With the Khnum dead, Sam continues his travels through Karnak. After fighting off some enemies, he finds a Witch-Bride of Achriman , who tries to crush him to death using her telekinesis.

Despite that, he ultimately kills the creature. After letting it work its magic against an insurmountably large horde of Kleers, he grabs the mounted minigun and takes it with him. He continues his travel through Karnak and eventually ends up in a huge yard that links Karnak with Luxor.

More enemies appear to stop him, but he manages to kill them and enter Luxor. Inside Luxor, Sam finds another Sirian metal door in a dig site. As with the other one, it requires that one needs to find four emblems scattered throughout Luxor to open it. Once again, Sam finds the emblems, which are scattered around a bit more this time, and returns to the door. He opens it, which reveals another elevator that leads to a power generator. After activating the second power generator, the time-lock is finally online.

Quinn contacts Sam to tell him that the time-lock is online, that its activation finally gives humanity a chance to defeat Mental, Charlie Team is being prepared to enter the time-lock and that Sam can finally get back to base and have a hot meal and a beer. Sam returns to Luxor's ruins, and finds that a ladder that leads from the dig site has fallen off. Thankfully for him, there's an old ruin that he can go through. He travels through it, finds a Khnum on a throne, kills it, and then blows up a lot of old ruined walls.

After blowing them up, he travels through another hallway that leads outside. Unfortunately, there are a lot of enemies waiting for him. However, he finds a SBC Cannon and uses its extreme power to carve through the horde of monsters waiting for him. He manages to reach the outskirts of Luxor.

After clearing out yet more aliens there, Quinn tells him that the Alcor Class Warship is in the area again and that the area can't be used as an extraction point. Soon after, the warship appears. Using his now-complete arsenal, Sam easily dispatches the Warship a second time, this time damaging it to the point where it can't warp; upon the ship attempting to anyways, its thrusters all explode, causing it to crash. After defeating the Warship, a helicopter lands.

Sam hops in and starts talking like the pilot is Hellfire, but it's actually Wilson. When Sam is on-board, the helicopter takes off and starts flying to HQ. While in the air, Sam tells Wilson that it feels like he killed "half of the known universe" back in the ruins.

Wilson tells him he had it easy, as Team Charlie is getting ready to enter the Time-Lock and try to kill Mental in the past. Despite Sam's warnings, Wilson fails to notice, allowing it to easily shoot down the helicopter, sending Sam flying out of it a second time. Sam recovers from the crash, and finds that his weapons were flung from his person in the crash, except for his Sirian Mutilator.

He tries to contact HQ about what happened, but his communicator was damaged when he fell. Without any support from HQ, Sam decides to move forward through the sandstorm he's landed in the middle of and see if he can find Wilson. After some walking, he finds another Sledgehammer] and soon after finds some ruins with more of his weapons near it.

After some fighting, Sam finds his helicopter and Wilson's corpse. Since there's nowhere else to go, Sam pushes forwards through the temples, fighting enemies like Technopolips, Major Bio-mechanoids and Khnums in the process. Near the end of the temples, he finds a huge canyon filled with enemies.

Sam clears out the canyon and discovers that there's an entrance to an underground temple at the end of it. Sam travels through the temple and avoids several traps, such as a rotating pillar and a room filled with Hatchling Arachnoids. After traveling through the temple, Sam discovers that Team Charlie have been taken out.

Sam contacts HQ using the earpiece of a dead soldier nearby. Surprisingly, instead of Quinn, Hellfire picks up and informs him that Mental found the Earth Defense Force's base and they're currently under attack, claiming they won't last much longer and that Sam's only hope is to stock up on ammo and last as long as he can.

Soon after, a Gnaar pounces on her from the top of the metal building she was taking cover behind and kills her. The feral creature picks up Hellfire's earpiece and begins to taunt Sam. Perceiving this as literal, Sam tells him that he'll "shoot Mental's ass off and hang it on a wall", and promptly hangs up. Sam then deduces the fact that he is likely the last human left on Earth , and decides to head to the Time-Lock to use it himself.

Sam fights through more ruins, and ends up in a slum. He finds a car that he can use to drive to the Temple of Hatsheput, where the Time-Lock is, but finds out that the car needs gas. Thankfully, there are several gas cans scattered throughout the slum, but Mental's forces continue to appear in order to kill him. Sam manages to put enough gas in the car, and finally drives off to the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Unfortunately for Sam, his car runs out of gas near a large canyon. He then heads for the canyon, as he narrowly avoids being devoured by a Sandwhale. With no car, he is forced to travel by foot through the canyon. Fortunately, Sam has since reacquired all his guns and finds the SBC Cannon on the ground, and thus he proceeds through the canyon vengefully. Against all odds, Sam manages to defeat every enemy that appears, and ends up in a large, sandy area with the Time-Lock on the other side.

After entering the area however, a thunderstorm starts brewing overhead and one of Mental's highest-ranking disciples, Ugh-Zan IV , rises from the Sand as a last-ditch effort by Mental to stop Sam. This gives Sam an opportunity to run to some nearby ruins. Sam manages to find a jetpack in one of the ruined buildings.

Soon after, Ugh-Zan wrestles the Sandwhale away from him and begins attacking Sam. Utilizing several metal scaffolding poles he finds lying around the arena, he takes advantage of the Sand-Whale occasionally rising from the sand to attack Ugh-Zan to fly up to the creature's back and throw them like javelins into it.

After doing this enough times, lightning strikes Ugh-Zan, stunning him long enough for Sam to attack without worrying about the creature's regenerative abilities. Sam calls Mental in order to threaten him one last time. However, his daughter, Judy Mental , picks up the line. He then told her that he's going to kill Mental, in which she responds to "Are you serious? She then tells him that he needs to hurry, because Mental is going to moon Earth at any moment.

Sam asks what she means by "mooning", having heard the Gnaar state this before, only to look up and discover what they really meant; rather than the slang term for mooning, Mental has literally destabilized the entire Moon out of its own orbit and sent it hurdling towards Earth like a titanic meteor. This prompts Sam to hang up and make a mad dash to the Time-Lock. Humanity and Earth are now gone in the present, but there is still hope left for the human race in the past.

After the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE , Sam arrives in Ancient Egypt, in the Temple of Hatshepsut , and starts his journey to find the four elements of air, water, fire and earth, all of which are needed to gain access to the Egyptian city of Karnak , and houses the only way to bring the SSS Centerprice to Earth. However, Mental, who has been finishing up the Sirians, is alerted to Sam's presence and sends some of his forces to Earth in order to stop him.

He then travels to Karnak and enters it via placing the elements he had collected earlier in various slots. Sam fights through Karnak, and ends up in Luxor. Within Luxor, he discovers a large obelisk, which hides a large tower that broadcasts the message to bring back the SSS Centerprice when the Sign of Amon-Ra is near it. Sam manages to enter the pyramid after a close encounter with Ugh-Zan at the front of the pyramid, and prepares the ship for boarding by using the Amon-Ra artifact.

Since there's nothing else he can do at this point, Sam decides to try boarding it while hoping that the Sirians made humans an authorized species. He then takes an elevator to the top of the exposed pyramid, ready to try his luck with the SSS Centerprice. Sam manages to manipulate the ship's anti-intruder function by weakening Ugh-Zan III with his weapons, then luring him to the center of the boarding area, which is where one enters the SSS Centerprice.

Ugh-Zan III's species is not authorized to use the ship, so the ship instead fires a very powerful laser at him, which manages to overwhelm and kill him before he can activate his regenerative abilities. Right after Ugh-Zan III is killed, Sam runs into the middle of the boarding area, hoping that the ship has humans as an authorized species.

It does, and Sam is warped into the ship. Suddenly, something collides with the spaceship, causing it to crash into some mountains in South America, the cutscene shows that a crate bus piloted by Croteam Heads crashed into it by accident, though it is not know if this is canon.

Portals through different time areas have been placed throughout different time periods across Earth in order to lead to the backup spaceship; a rocket. However, it seems that Mental is aware of the crash and sends more of his alien horde against Sam. Sam starts his travels through Mesoamerica in order to find the key that leads to the Mesoamerica's portal.

After fighting through a few temples, Sam discovers the key; a crystal skull. With this in hand, he heads to the ancient city of Teotihuacan while fighting more of Mental's horde. The teleport sends Sam to Babylon, where he must find the teleporter there. Much like in Mesoamerica, Sam fights through temples and villages to find it.

After gaining access by finding the three Tablets of Wisdom scattered in various yards, Sam discovers that the area is guarded by one of Mental's minions. Sam appears in medieval Poland, near a large castle that contains a book which has the location of the key to activate the backup spaceship, the Holy Grail. Of course, Sam is attacked by Mental's hordes, who strike with more force than they did before.

After reaching the heart of the castle, he finds the book, which leads him to a village on a snowy mountain , which has a lava-filled cave hidden below. Inside the cave is a teleport that leads him to an ice castle. Sam travels to the Grand Cathedral , the location of the backup spaceship and the Holy Grail. Sam managed to fight through the Corridors of Death and reach the Cathedral. Before he can enter the Cathedral, Mordekai the Summoner appears, who was guarding the Grail with his dark magic.

After a difficult fight, Sam manages to defeat him and gain access to the Holy Grail, which is located in the Cathedral. Sam then activates the backup spaceship, heads to his original destination, Sirius and its trade routes, while the Bigheads cheer him on.

Serious Sam is an arcade first-person shooter inspired by the so-called "old-school" shooters such as Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. The central gameplay feature of the game is shooting a large number of enemies while advancing through large open levels. The number of enemies on the player's screen can reach up to several hundred at a time, and the total number of opponents at a level can reach several thousand.

For killing monsters, the player gets points, which are then added to the total score. The series is distinguished by a wide variety of types of enemies, including land, underwater, flying, living, and mechanical enemies.

At the end of some levels are bosses, which are notoriously more difficult to defeat than standard enemies. Also, as in other old-school shooters, the player can take obtain first-aid kits and armor. Health regeneration is absent at all levels of complexity, except for Tourist difficulty. In addition, in some games of the series there are power ups - special bonuses that temporarily give the player some special features: for example, Invulnerability , Invisibility , accelerated running or strengthening of weapons, like Serious Speed and Serious Damage.

It was released on March 21, , and tells the story of an extraterrestrial being, who humanity names " Mental " due to the insanely large masses of his forces. He invades Earth with his alien army, sending humanity to the point of no return. As they are running out of time to fend of Mental's armies, they have chosen Serious Sam to send into the past via a recently discovered device known as the "Time-Lock", to alter the course of history and defeat Mental.

It was officially announced on September 2nd, , and preview screenshots were released later that month. While it didn't win as many rewards as its predecessor did, it was a huge success. The game serves as the prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter , taking place in 22nd century Egypt, where mankind falls victim to a three-year long invasion of hostile aliens as part of Mental's scheme to annihilate the human race.

In January , the Xbox version was released. It was released on Steam on April 28, The Xbox version came out during September , and a demo for the Xbox was released around that time frame as well. Two packages featuring both games have been released on Steam. It's the only item not available in the Serious Sam Complete Pack, it needs to be purchased separately.

Due to limitations with virtual reality controllers, player movement is much more restricted, which makes avoiding enemy projectiles harder and the player can only shoot whatever appears in fron of them. It has the same functionality as the other vr games in the series.

The game received mostly mixed to negative reception upon its release. Gameplay-wise, Serious Sam 2 functions the same as its predecessor, but has a different art style, remodeled weapons, and vehicles. Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Unlike all the other games in the series, the player takes the control of a Beheaded Kamikaze.

The main objective of this game is to chase and kill Serious Sam by getting close to him and then blowing him up, while avoiding the projectiles he throws at the Kamikaze, which the player can dodge by jump over them, or by kicking them away. Serious Sam: Next Encounter is another first-person shooter game in the franchise, which was released on April 12, for the GameCube and April 22, for the PlayStation 2.

Instead of being set in the past, the game is set in the future. The Random Encounter was released on October 24, , and functions as a mix between an action role-playing game and a Japanese role-playing game. During the open world sequences, the player may roam around freely, but can eventually hit on a randomized mob wave of enemies.

These mob waves consist of ridiculously high numbers of enemies of all kinds, where the player is given the task to gun these down. The gun combat is the game's JRPG part, where the player may switch weapons and shoot the weapon selected, choosing a direction, radius, or position to shoot at, as well as using one of the previously gathered items.

The game features online multiplayer for up to 4 players in the co-operative campaign and 12 players in both versus and survival modes and full modding support, which can allow players to make their own mods, gamemodes, and even total conversion with the game editor. There is no sprinting mechanic, but the player is able to dash by pressing the jump key. Doing so uses up a dash charge every time, which is slowly refilled once the players resumes normal movement.

The player can speed up the dash charges with perks. Serious Sam: Tormental is a 3D roguelike top-down shooter that has a more unique plot compared to the rest of the series. Instead of taking place in Egypt or other locations in ancient time periods, Serious Sam: Tormental takes place inside Mental's mind. The idea was to combine modern graphics with Doom 's frantic, enemy horde-themed gameplay.

Most of the developers quickly complied. Development continued as normal, despite the name change. The test originally came out with little fanfare, but the classic gameplay and graphics quickly made it a hit among PC gamers. This version was much closer to the final game; it had co-op and death-match as well as the final skins and models for every enemy in it. When this happens use the original EXE to play online, else you could find yourself banned from the game!

When using Fixed Files make sure to use a Firewall which controls outgoing traffic, as some games call back to report the use of these modified files! If you have problems using a trainer in combination with Windows Vista , 7 , 8 or 10 then make sure to run the trainer with Administrator rights and when needed in Windows XP or Windows 98 compatibility mode! Use an anti-blacklisting tool, like SR7. Play the Game! Serious Sam 2 v1. Serious Sam 2 v2. File Archive [2. Apply the official Serious Sam v2.

EXE file with the one from the File Archive. EXE file with the one from the File Archive 1.

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