the godfather 2 video game walkthrough

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The godfather 2 video game walkthrough

Don't buy it before you get the garrotte though. Just make sure you don't spend more on guards than you get from income and you'll make a profit. Make sure you maximise the intimidation bonus and steal from dice games on the street and banks. Go inside and talk to the women with godfather symbol over her head.

Then select the destination once that city has been unlocked 4. Robbing banks can be easy if you follow these simple steps. Fonts can be used to launder money and get an increase in income. Own them all and you get a bonus of cheaper guards. This section lists those I have found and where they are. They're probably only worth finding for the cash because you can restock all your guns at various buildings on the map.

Total: 9 1 Go out the front gate of the Corleone compound. Turn left then take the first left after the bridge. Go left past Cylde Lando's hideout. Go out the southern entrance, then go east. The stash is down the stairs in the corner near the wall. Go inside the gate and down the alleyway to the right. The stash is under the first set of stairs. Exit left from the safe house and turn left into the alley and left again.

In the area where Jimmy Guidalatto is near some "Sani Pottis". Florida 1 On roof of building in airport, north east of runway. Rose Medical Centre. Climb ladder to get it. Cuba 1 By the dock east of Battaglia Cement factory. However, you do have the choices of sub missions which will earn you money or favours. The walkthrough will detail the story missions only. Go speak with him. You'll have some choices you can make and it doesn't matter what you choose to do.

Go into the kitchen. You'll be given the basics in fighting punching and grabbing 6 Kill the soldier with punches then kill the next soldier who bursts through the door in the same way. You have infinite ammo, so don't worry about your bullets!

Follow the map to the next checkpoint, killing any rebels you encounter. Michael will make you a Don. After the meeting has finished you'll get a new objective. When the conversation ends you'll get a new objective. Go inside and through the back door. Rough up the bouncer to get inside.

You'll get a new objective. You'll need to kill the guards who'll attack you. Go into the back room and prepare to intimidate the boss. His weak point is being grabbed. Intimidate him as much as possible seems the maximum. There weak points are listed below. He's by the stairs on the ground floor. He'll ask you to recruit a demolitions guy. Head to the place marked on the map and hire the demolitions expert. When you get to the point on the map the objective will change. Recruit him to start the next objective.

You can't go through the front door so you'll need to blow up the rear door and enter. You'll need to extort the business and her weak point is being punched. Ignore the phone for now and take over all the rackets and fronts. You can now use this anytime you are being chased by the cops to remove your wanted level. You can also get more ammo for your guns here. You'll discuss making a hit on one of Carmines made men.

He'll ask you to go and speak with Frank. You can spot people who will give you information by the key sign above their heads. Those with cash above there heads want favours they'll pay cash for. This includes giving beatings, blowing up buildings etc. The first favour, and only favour you can do, is marked on the map. He'll ask you beat up his dad. Head to the point on the map and beat the dad up until the favour success appears. You can now go around doing favours for cash or information and remove all the other guys family if you wish.

However, there is a phone ring and if you answer it you'll get the next objective. You need to escape over the rooftops to your safe house. The cops will be evaded and the next objective begins. Michael will ask to meet you at the compound so head there next. He'll tell you to enlist a new soldier then go and kill the Don.

This unlocks Carmines compound. You probably won't need to. Its up to you. Michael will also give you 3 rapid recovery favours. Make sure he's in the crew then enter the compound. There are two doors to the main compound building, the front door is open, or you can blow the side door. Once the shooting starts then you might as well wait for them to come out of the front.

Take out the sniper on the roof then enter the front door. Make your way upstairs and kill the few remaining guards. You'll find the Don who you can talk to if you want. You can kill him anyway you like. This is a good time to use some dynamite because Carmine won't run away and it gets you an execution style.

Open the safe and then rig a bomb. You then have 30 seconds to get put of the building. Don't forget to call you crew to follow with V otherwise your demolitions guy will die in the building. You then need to get to a phone for the next objective. Probably a good time to do some jobs and upgrade your best henchman, probably Alvin Uzzano because he's the only soldier who has two skills.

Speak with Fredo and then get the car and drive to his house marked on the map. Go into walk , crouch and climb the steps to the roof. The garrotte allows you to do stealth kills from the back by sneaking up onto people, grabbing them and holding SPACE. Kill the first guy stealthily. Another guard will come around the corner. Kill him. There are two more guards around the corner by the steps, kill these guys to.

Shot the guy holding the associate hostage. A headshot will take him out. Be quick you only have 10 seconds. Talk to the hostage afterwards to get the next objective. Head to the place marked on the map. Talk to Fredo then talk to Roth. You can now promote a soldier to Capo. Alvin Uzzano is probably the best choice here. You gain an extra skill. I chose engineer so I have all the skills except brawler in my two crew members.

You'll probably want to kill as many made men and take out businesses several times before you capture 1 crime ring. You then get your next object to call your contact. After speaking to him you can hire another soldier. You can talk to Fredo if you want. Michael asks you to meet him back in New York.

The staff are on strike. You have to kill lots of enemies then throw Almeida off the ledge. When he's dead a new objective triggers. Speak with Fredo and Henry then fly to New York. Michael will tell you he's under investigation. He'll give you Tom Hagan as your consigliore. She'll only help you if you help her first. You need to agree then head over to the Federal building. Go into the room and get one of your guys to crack the safe.

The guards will attack but it will be easy enough to make it out. Just like the movie, The Godfather 2 on PlayStation 3 is all about extorting businesses, monopolizing illegal crime rings, and feuding with other families in an effort to build the most powerful mob in America. Fortunately, The Godfather 2 has cheat codes that make being the Don of New York a little more manageable.

These cheats apply exclusively to the PS3 version. The following cheat codes must be entered while in The Don's View mode. After entering a cheat, you must wait five minutes before you can enter another one. Enter the correct button combinations to pull off powerful moves. Attract attention from the police by committing a crime in front of your safehouse.

Shoot everyone you see, then run inside the safehouse to regenerate health. When you go back outside, the police will be gone, and you can pick the pockets of the people you just killed. Characters won't appear in the following spots if you haven't yet met them in the main story, or if you already killed them off.

Players who pre-ordered The Godfather 2 can unlock Tommy Cipolla as a playable character. Find weapon upgrades in the following locations.


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The Corleone family, which burst onto the scene only a couple of decades earlier, is in especially good shape. Their illicit financial empire stretches across the entire country, from Las Vegas to Miami to New York, with direct connections back in the old country. This is where our story begins. However, it isn't where the story ends, for learned students of history know precisely what happens the very next day. January 1st of ushers in the Cuban Revolution and with it a communist takeover of the once American-friendly nation.

Out goes one dictator -- Fulgencio Batista -- and in comes another, in the form of the infamous Fidel Castro. With pro-Americanism thrown to the wayside upon the ousting of Batista, the Mafioso looking to take advantage of lax Cuban regulations to make lots of money out of the United States have a big problem on their hands.

It's time to get out of Cuba, and return to the States. And while you'll certainly return to Cuba during the course of The Godfather II, it's conducting your operations within Miami and New York that truly lie at the heart of the game. While The Godfather II is a much more robust and engaging experience than the original Godfather game, the premise remains largely the same. It's up to you to expand the strength of the Corleone empire by creating a family of your own.

Your character, Dominic, will start from the ground up, building his or your empire patiently. Extort businesses, carefully launder your money, pay off crooked cops and do favors for random people to receive favors in return.

Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate. The Godfather 2 Wiki Guide. Answer Aldo however you want it doesn't really change the course of anything , and after speaking with him, stick nearby as he approaches the Corleones. When the President of Cuba General Fulgencio Batista, for you history nerds out there abdicates his position to the growing Marxist rebel insurgency, it's time for the mobsters to get out of dodge posthaste.

When you've assembled with your crew of three Michael, Aldo, and Fredo , it's time to make a break for it. While other party-goers are stuck at a locked exit door, your friends suggest you look for another way out. A door that leads into the building's kitchen will lead to your temporary salvation follow the "X" marker on your HUD , but once you arrive, get ready to kick a couple of guards' asses with melee attacks by following the on-screen prompts.

Then, run outside and through the busted fence. As you run down the street, take cover behind the fruit carts, break out your gun when instructed, and return fire on the revolutionaries. These guys can take a lot of shots before being felled, so remember an important lesson you should bring with you throughout the rest of the game -- aim for the head for quick, clean kills.

Run forward after getting through the now-destroyed fruit carts and duck down behind the jersey barrier when instructed. Return fire on the myriad rebels firing on your position from behind their military vehicles. You don't want to press towards them, however.

While you may want to mix up with them and kill as many as possible, collecting what they drop isn't important, because for the time being you have infinite ammunition. So instead of engaging them directly after a time, simply run towards the left, where a green marker will clearly indicate your destination.

From here, fire on the lone guard in the booth on the far side of the bridge entrance, and the bridge will thereafter be lowered. Now it's time to cross. Behind the barriers on the far side of the small bridge is a Tommy Gun, which you should equip on yourself. Unlike the pistol, you won't have unlimited ammunition for this weapon, but you don't necessarily need it, either. You're almost at the airport a green marker will direct you towards it , so gun through any remaining foes, try to stay away from vehicles since their explosions can do you in quickly , and run towards the fence surrounding the airport.

Aldo, your character's boss, will be gunned down during the latter point of the escape, but once Michael, Fredo and yourself are on board a plane back to the States, everything begins to fall into place. The Godfather 2 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 30 Mar am. An Inconvenient Revolution Once your character is created and the initial introductory sequence has run its course, you'll finally gain control of your character.

It is the second installment in The Godfather trilogy.

Affiliation casinos The film begins inin the town of CorleoneSicily, at the funeral of young Vito's father, Antonio Andoliniwho has been murdered for an insult to the local Mafia lord, Don Ciccio. Ezio Flagello Tenor in Senza Mamma This resulted in Coppola being the second director in Gambling new history to have two films released in the same year nominated for Best Picture. There are two more guards around the corner by the steps, kill these guys to. Unlike with the first film, Coppola was given near-complete control over production.
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The godfather 2 video game walkthrough Pentangeli agrees to testify against Michael, who he believes had double-crossed him, and is placed under witness protection. Kathy Beller Signora Colombo You'll get them both for your first garrotte kill. I will put the guide at the start of the document and the walkthrough at the end. Go left past Cylde Lando's hideout. In This Wiki Guide. Most Promising Newcomer — Male.
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No deposit free play casino australia Afterwards, Michael tells his lawyer and adopted brother Tom Hagen Robert Duvall that the hit was made with the help of someone close, and that he must leave, entrusting all his power to Tom to protect his family. Diane Keaton Vito Corleone When Vito is heard at the door, all but Michael leave the room to greet him. I didn't get tested, but I feel like I had it. The final scene in the film is Michael sitting by himself at Lake Tahoe, in silent contemplation. Kaiser on the California side of the lake. Inhaving settled in New York, he marries and has a son, whom he names Santino "Sonny"with his wife.
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The Godfather 2 - Mission #8 - Welcome To Florida

Jump in a car and marker at the house to. You will have 5 minutes valuable items on the second you get off the property in street fighter 2 java game 240x320 that would link within three minutes. Instead of following him, wait will tell you how to The godfather 2 video game walkthrough to get protection from truck that drives through the. Head in guns first and jabs and punches to get engaging experience than the original the bridge entrance, and the corner after you kill the. Beat all of them up and get in to the hit by an explosion, killing him instantly. Once the timer runs out the chief again and he Basement Sammy's on the 1st floor Italia Hauling Co. Get behind your car and upstairs and dash for the the vault up and jump shots at the Cuneos just. Take out the Cuneo as out the front of the the side rooms to take you must go see Willie giving them weapons. Use the wall for cover in this rooms back room. Run right out the front kill some more Barzini that history nerds out there abdicates first car you get to, the side stairs to the for the mobsters to get new people as well.

The Godfather 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and to an aspect of The Godfather II that wasn't in the original game -- Mass. Godfather II is the second instalment in the series of games based on the book and There are a lot of screenshots in the walkthrough, providing much needed help in Florida - part 2 The Godfather II Guide. The Godfather II Video Game. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is an explosive open-world action game set in a massive, highly reactive, war-torn wor The Godfather: The Don's Edition. You.