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Delta force 2 game instructions tables casino

Delta force 2 game instructions

There is no in-game save. You must finish the mission. This is a known issue and there's nothing that can be done about it. Spec ops guys usually have theirs darkened, and could be any shape. It's great for silent kills. Sneak up behind a guard, whoosh, dead guard. If you are wondering It is actually smaller than the one Rambo carried. That one would be too big and unwieldy for any one other than Rambo.

In terms of the game It's rare for you to get close enough to use the knife, but sometimes, if you are prone, and enemy patrol is right on top of you, using the knife may get rid of him instead of rotating on the ground and trying to shoot him. There are a few models, but they don't really make a BIG difference in their operation, except whether they are silenced or not.

All pistols are semi-automatic only. Why let the enemy know you're here? Always fire two shots at a time, to make sure you kill the target. One shot may not kill unless you go for the head. For sniper rifles you carry about 75 rounds of ammo. For assault rifles, you carry about rounds of ammo.

For machine guns, you carry about rounds of ammo. This design is a bit long in the tooth though. As the range for the 40 mm M grenade is not that far. Uses 30 rounds magazine of 5. You also get a 4x scope, which makes it a low- end sniper rifle. The three modes are: semi-auto, 3-round burst, grenade. Even with the scope, your realistic range is not much above meters.

Shotgun has limited range, but excellent for close combat. You also get a 4x scope for sniping. This combo is also known as "Masterkey", as in "blowing the door hinges off". The three modes are: semi-auto, 3-round burst, shotgun. It's bolt action, so pause between shots is long, and switching magazines is also slow.

Realistic range is about m. It was NOT meant to hit human targets. It was designed as anti-material weapon, like punching holes in radiators of cars, or jet engines, radar dishes, etc. However, it will punch holes in human flesh all right. Hey, these are BIG bullets. Also equipped with a 10x scope. Realistically, this can hit targets out to meters or so. No scope. Full auto allows you to "walk" the shots onto the target. No reticule view at all, so effective range is maybe m at most.

The SD3 has an integral silencer that just slightly reduces muzzle velocity yet quiets the shot noise down to a whisper, esp. This is great for sneaking up on enemies and putting bullets in their heads. Full auto allows you to "walk" the shots onto the target, but very wasteful of ammo. Effective range is under m, since there is no scope or reticule view at all. Hopefully you don't need more than that. Noisy, but good for what it was designed for. AT-4 rocket, Claymore mine, and satchel charge.

Hand grenades are counted separately! Engage the scope for more precise targeting. Some vehicles may need more than one LAW. It is the only weapon available against helicopters, except the grenade launcher. Objectives that need more than one LAW can be destroyed with just one satchel charge. You can drop multiple satchel charges, then blow them up altogether at once. One satchel can also take out multiple targets if they are close enough to each other.

When triggered, the explosives launch the projectiles in a degrees arc, turning everything in the arc and in range into bloody pulp. Remember to set the proper SIDE toward enemy. Best used to guard your back, but since you're mainly on the attack in DF In general, one or two grenades should take out a tent or a camouflaged shelter.

Zero delay. Enough to destroy a truck. Need to destroy a BRDM. Point it at a target, and call in some fire support. Be precise though. Hitting the wrong target is embarrassing. LAR V rebreather: no need to surface while diving, but also dresses you in a black diving suit.

May help in certain night missions. Kevlar vest: gives you some protection against enemy shots And finally, most of the "secondary equipment" is also available, if you need more of it. However, you may sometimes locate additional sources of ammo in the enemy buildings, in the form of bullet boxes and grenade boxes.

Run over them and you'll hear a "reload" sound. In some missions you may also run into first aid boxes. Technically Copperhead is a laser-guided cannon round that's precise enough to hit a tank. In DF2 Copperhead is used as a generic term for fire support.

It tells you which goals have been completed brown and which goals are still pending white. You can often see where enemies are and where they are facing. You can use that information to avoid or flank enemies as you see fit. If you see only red X's, it does NOT mean the area is clear! I hit enemies from ambush. I flank them and hit them in the rear. I don't give them time to react. Rogue Warrior, i. Sneak around enemies and shoot them in the back. Shoot them from long distance.

So on and so forth. Alternatively, distract them see next hint 5. Then you can flank the enemies and take them from behind with silenced weapons. Distract tangos with exploding barrels and such with silenced weapons, THEN shoot them from another angle. Thrown grenades are also good distractions.

Thus, there is no need to get any closer unless terrain prevents you from getting closer. That is the shot compensator to deal with gravity. Bullets DO drop in flight, and this tells your gun to point a little higher to compensate for it. Set to the closest meters, rounded up.

For example, fi the range says m, set compensator to m. Set it to m by default as it doesn't affect accuracy THAT much even if firing at point-blank targets. A single shot in almost any part of the body will kill the enemy. On the other hand, there are times where you need to go full auto. Some weapons function better on full auto.

Burst mode is when you may need to engage multiple moving enemies in a hurry. Firing single-shots at a moving target means you need to be a VERY good marksman, but if you're firing bursts you are far more likely to score a hit. Someone has seen you and is firing at you!

Find some cover, then displace laterally, THEN peek back out and locate the threat. In some scenarios some enemies will seek to pin you down with covering fire while other enemies advance to engage you at close range. That's why lateral displacement is a good idea they head for your last known position. You can drop more than one and hit the trigger to blow them up all at once. Sometimes, satchel charge is powerful enough that one charge can destroy two targets If they're close enough together.

LAW rocket: one shot will destroy an armored car, or any vehicle except a tank. It should also take down a helicopter. Tanks and locomotives take two. Grenades: you only have a couple, but one or two grenades should take out a truck. May need more to blow up bigger stuff Fire support: use the laser designator to call in artillery or air strike. Only stand up if you need to peek into a window.

In dangerous areas, go prone. So you can descend nearly vertical cliffs without getting killed if you move downhill while prone. You'll simply slide off, and end up prone at the bottom of the hill, without a scratch. This only works if you're facing downhill. If you're looking to the side, and you slide NOT pointing downhill, then you will still get hurt.

Lob one through the window or door and watch the fireworks. On the other hand, grenades do have limited range and may not kill all enemies in a large room. If you expose your left arm first, then shoot, you may end up shooting the wall. Move away after that. AI is sometimes good enough to send patrols in the direction where the shots came from.

They know you're there, but they can't shoot at you they only shoot horizontally or so. However, they are moving too fast for you to shoot them with your pistol. In this case, take out your knife and just swing the knife blindly, and you should have a dead patrol guy. You can use the terrain to snipe at the patrols, then if they get close enough, use your pistol and knife for defense. Note: all soldiers react to noises unless they are specifically designated as "deaf" in the mission editor.

Thus, noise like explosion fuel drums, grenades, and so on are excellent distraction devices. Armed with AK's or similar , they pump out 3-round bursts with virtually infinite ammo, and some of them have excellent accuracy, even for such an inaccurate weapon! Go prone and take them out from a distance, or circle them. You can tell they are around as they fire one shot at a time, and you better take them out first before they get you.

Many can even go prone! Pistols are louder with a sharper bark than the snipers. Pistols have lousy range and bad accuracy, but can still kill you if up close. There are also trucks and other jeeps, I'll just mention those. It may sometimes be referred to as a tank, but it's not.

It's just an armored car, and a single hit from a LAW or hits from a M grenade will destroy it. That heavy machine gun has a LOT of range and fires 3-round bursts. One LAW may not kill one. Best way is to call in a Copperhead round. Single grenade will take care of one. Your only weapon against helicopters is a LAW rocket, and we all know how hard it is to hit a non-stable subject. Well, technically you can use the grenade thrower too, but you need hits to bring one down, and I doubt you'll survive that long.

And definitely use the scope. AND anticipate the flight time. Best to wait until either the chopper is heading away or directly toward you. Enemy shots can also penetrate the tent. A tent has one entrance on each end, so one trick is to make a sound on one end, then sneak around the other end and peek inside for people you can shoot in the back, preferably with a silenced pistol or a knife. A tent can be blown up with 1 or 2 grenade hits. They look semi-transparent and enemies inside may be able to see through and shoot out.

Be very careful when approaching one of these. One of these can be blown up with one or two grenades. Snipe the guard is best, or sneak up and use the knife on him if no one else can see you and he's looking the other way.

Expect up to four shooters on top. It has normal sloped roofs. These are easy to clear if you take out the windows and see who's inside. Entrance and two small windows on both sides, often used as barracks with bunk beds inside Make noise on one end and then go in the other end with your silenced pistol. Best way to clear them is use sniper rifle and shoot them through the firing port. The second best way is to approach it from the side, then sneak in the back and kill each guy with a knife.

Go in prone and stay prone as you don't want any one from outside to be able to see you inside. Go in the door, prone and see if you can clear out the first floor without revealing yourself in the windows. Peek into each room and blast tangos.

Then come back out and sneak up the stairs outside in order to reach the final room. The room has one entrance, but a big open window. If you don't care if the room's trashed, throw in a grenade or two. However, it is best to take out the guard at the entrance tower, then climb the tower and look down to see if there's any ambush from just inside the prison gate. An ambush there can be deadly. Drop grenades if you need to. Then sneak inside and clear one room at a time, slowly without being seen.

If any one sees you they may kill the prisoners. Once inside you have a room to the left, stairs up, stairs right, and an exit to the side door on the right. On the upper floor, the 2 sets of stairs are connected by a corridor, which leads into the big room. Best way to attack a fort is through the side door. Look at the side door from a distance to make sure there's no one there or kill him if you do spot someone. Sneak in prone, and get to where the stairs merge and the main entrance is.

Clear the "courtyard", then into that "left" room watch for ambush from the corners! Head up and clear the corridor, past the other set of stairs, and finally, clear the big room. The main building itself is sort of S-shaped, with entrances on both "sides".

The main branch has a ladder leading up to a section on stilts. To defeat advanced bunker, snipe the guards through the slits, THEN sneak in and take out the rest 7. No windows to see through. You can go prone and slide up the ramp, and stay prone, slide up to entrance, and peek inside. Throwing a grenade or two inside is also a valid tactic.

This building is actually destructible. With enough firepower you can blow the structure up. Clear the other side first, through the entrance, check rooms to left, then go through corridor and check top of tower. There would be stalls for animals on both sides. To clear a barn, it's best to take a peek from the main entrance to ascertain where the enemies are, then see if the side entrance will allow you to enter unmolested, then you can perfect your stealth attacks.

If you are far away, shoot through the door or the window. If you're close, toss a grenade through the door. Windows all around. Most large huts occupied by enemies have guards standing on the roof. Take them out first. Then look through the door and windows long-distance and see if you can take out the guards that way. Then sneak in the front door, prone, clear the first room to left, then clear the last two rooms.

Grenades are helpful but not required. Demolish them. Situation: there's light snow falling. Ground has a bit of snow cover. SCUD launchers are in groups of 2, 2, 1, and 1. The last one is inside the armed camp, with heavy guard presence and roving patrols throughout the perimeter. Suggested outfit: bring a sniper rifle and as many satchel charges as you can fit.

Call in fire support on the rest. Suggested tactics: Stealth is preferred, but not required. Just sneak up on one group at a time, shoot guards preferably using silenced weapons , and drop one satchel pack at each SCUD launcher. Deal with roving patrols, then snipe the guards in the camp and call in some arty on the remaining launchers.

Walkthru: Move forward until you see your first two launchers, and kill the two guards beside them. Look to left and spot two more guards. Shoot them if you can. Else just watch them. Drop satchel charges on the first two launchers. Carefully move toward next waypoint. Take care of the guards from a distance or move in with silenced weapons. Keep moving and you should spot the antenna in the distance. That's the enemy camp. Look all around and take out any guards from a distance.

Watch out for patrols. Look for guards though windows and doors. There's one SCUD outside the base alone by itself. Destroy it with grenades or call in artillery. Finally, find a good spot and call in artillery on the final SCUD launcher inside the base. Retrieve it from enemy camp. Situation: It's night time, the briefcase is in an enemy camp, patrols are about.

Goals: Retrieve the briefcase, make to extraction point, Black Widow must survive NOTE: enemy reinforcements will come over the hill, watch out for them. Walkthru: It's night time, so your nightvision is on. There are more to your left, slightly below.

Continue through waypoints until you're approaching main camp. Go prone and take out as many guards as you can from up high. If you heard a warning for reinforcements, that means they're coming over the big hill behind you. Take them out, then clear out the rest of the camp. When done, go down and explore the northern-most tent.

The briefcase is inside. Escape to extraction waypoint and kill any remaining guards. When Black Widows gets overhead, you win! Rescue the drivers being held hostage in the main building, escort them to the trucks, then escort the trucks out of hostile territory.

Situation: You're landing via parachute. Enemy camp has multiple buildings. The three trucks are nearby. Enemy may have reinforcements. Goals: Rescue all 3 drivers, all 3 trucks must reach extraction point NOTE: rebels can and will shoot hostages if you give them a chance. Suggested outfit: sniper rifle, silenced pistol, at least one LAW rocket Suggested tactics: no stealth is really needed, but it's nice to have Walkthru: You start parachute in. You can try to shoot the two tangos from the air.

Hide on hills to left and approach camp. Shoot all tangos visible, esp. Shoot reinforcements running in. Circle the camp carefully and make sure no one is visible. Switch to pistols and clear each and every building except the "hotel" where the hostages are being held it's the largest building. When ready, go inside, kill FOUR guards on first floor. Then slowly move up the stairs and take out one last guard, and the hostages are free.

Run up to them and they'll run down to the trucks. The rest of friendlies will also run to the trucks, and so should you. Your teammates should have cleared the area but help them just in case. Then run ahead of the convoy and kill the few tangos in your way. Should be simple enough. Shoot tangos when you see them. When convoy arrives at extraction point, you win!

Track them down and call in fire support to destroy rebel armor. Situation: You are dropped quite a long way from enemy camp, it's daylight time, and hills are green. Expect patrols near the base, and guards.

You may not have enough fire support to take out all the tanks so some demolition may be required. Goals: destroy all tanks in enemy compound. Escape to extraction point. NOTE: Limited fire support available. Suggested outfit: one or two satchel charges for the tanks. You'll need an assault rifle or sniper rifle for the guards and any patrols outside.

Suggested tactics: No need to keep quiet, blast everyone you see. Walkthru: Follow the waypoints until you get close to waypoint charlie. You'll see a barracks down into the valley, with some tents and a house. Turn right a bit and you'll see about 10 tangos right at the valley's entrance. Shoot them now, or they'll shoot you as you run by.

By now Alpha is probably blabbing "Bravo's compromised! Just keep going. Shoot more tangos, one of them is on the hill to right of alpha team. Charlie will shoot the compound along with Alpha, but it's your job with sniper rifle to take out as many guards as you can. Then use the laser designator to take out as many tanks as you can see from your angle. There should be a total of FOUR tanks to get rid of, two outside, one partially under the roof, and one inside the curved roof. Put a fire mission between the two tanks to get rid of two, then take out that other tank.

Finally, sneak into the base after circling it once to make sure no more tangos and demolish the last tank with a satchel charge. Stop the train, and kill all the train guards. Do NOT cross the border yourself. Situation: Absolutely do NOT cross the border. Rebels on this side are messy enough! You're just landing and the train will be here in a few minutes. About 10 rebels are running through the pass toward the border ahead of the train. Additional guards on the train itself.

Goals: Stop the train before it crosses the border, kill all the guards on the train. Suggested tactics: instead of following the waypoint, just land and run to the left a bit, straight at the train. You can see it in the distance. Aim for the hill next to the train, ignore the helicopters.

Stop the train first, then clear out the guards. Ignore the infantry in the pass. They are not a factor at all unless they double back to shoot at you. Walkthru: Head for the hill next to the train a bit to your left. When you get there, the first helicopter should have already left, and the second helicopter is behind you. The train should be just about coming. Remember to lead the target! While there's a fight toward the border, it's not important, as least not from the list of goals.

Though if you shoot at their back, some may double back and shoot at you. Get inside, take the codebook, then demolish the comm center. Situation: One checkpoint on the road to the comm center. The center itself has fence, guard towers, and more. Plus roving guards inside. Goals: obtain codebook, destroy comm center Suggested outfit: satchel charge, assault rifle Suggested tactics: take out the checkpoint, then destroy the base itself.

Walkthru: Follow the waypoints and you should see the checkpoint, so kill tangos there. Chuck a grenade at the truck. Don't let it escape. Clear the checkpoint of all hostiles. Continue toward the comm center. You may encounter some roving patrols. Take care of them. Go a bit to your left, and use the hill as cover. Snipe the guards from the towers, and the entrance checkpoints. Then look into the building windows, and shoot through to take out the guards.

Look between buildings for more guards. Circle the comm center from the outside, look for more guards to shoot from every angle before moving in. Once in, clear the bottom floor first, then go up to second floor and clear that. Claim the codebook. Drop a satchel charge here. If you want you can drop another one downstairs. Run for extraction point and detonate the explosives. Kill additional tangos as you head toward the extraction point. We can't let that convoy reaches its destination, but we can't get in front of it.

We will attack the base, find the codebook, and call the convoy back, so we can attack it. Situation: It's a long run to the enemy base, and you need to shoot enemies as fast as you can. Then grab the codebook and be ready for the ambush Run and kill guards as you find them. Head toward the base and attack when the rest of the team runs in. Shoot bad guys ASAP. Your team will help clear the base. The ambush is easy enough.

Walkthru: Follow the waypoint, kill one guard ahead, then follow the turn and kill more guards. Keep going until you can almost see the camp. Try to get on top of a hill. When the rest of your team attack, pick off the shooters in the enemy camp of those you can see one is hiding in a broken house, very hard to spot! There's likely 2 guards inside. Once the radio codebook's claimed, pick your LAW and head back out, find a good spot to ambush, and go prone.

The convoy will arrive after a few minutes. A group of guards will rush your position but your teammates should cut them down. Backtrack the route and destroy every vehicle should be like 2 armored cars and 4 trucks total. If the game insist you did not kill everybody in the camp, you may have missed one or two patrols as you approached the camp from insertion. Go back and kill them. Then the mission will end. Liberate the hostages, defend them until Black Widow can arrive to extract them.

Situation: It's night and you have to infiltrate a terrorist camp. Guards are about, and there's a second camp you will run into Goals: liberate hostages, escort hostages to roof, all hostages must survive Suggested outfit: Bring the MP5SD3 and the silenced. It's time to go hunting. Bring extra ammo may help. Walkthru: Go forward, spot the 2 guards. Take them out with silenced weapons. Continue following the waypoints. You'll run into the "2nd camp" with 2 structures and some armored cars, with some guards.

Sneak close and drop a grenade on each. Then get to the other camp on the other side of the hill. Go low and sneak close, prone. Then use silenced weapons and take out all the external guards, each at one of those firing positions. Then sneak inside, and clear 1st and 2nd floor. Third is locked, and there's one more tango next to the 3 hostages on the 4th floor.

Do NOT approach the hostages yet. Get up to the roof and look over the edge for tangos. They should be shooting at you, but they don't really know where you are, so shoot back. Go full auto, as you need to secure the roof for extraction. Look at adjacent roofs, between the vehicles, and so on. When you see no more fire coming, run back down and run into each of the hostages, thus "freeing them". They will run for the roof. Run back up to the roof, and the mission should end.

Get in there and rescue him. When you hear radio about patrol on the ridge, look right. Two tangos are on the ridge with you. Take them out. Continue past the ridge and follow the WP until you come to camp one. Take out the guards, then put a grenade or two on each SAM launcher.

A Snow-cat will approach, take it out. Take out any snipers in the distance. Continue to next camp. Snipe at any enemies you can see quite a few of them. There's also more tangos on the ridge to your left. When there's no more shooting, use the target designator and point it at the APC in the middle of the 3 SAM launchers. That should take out all of them. Run for the next waypoint, shoot any bad guys you see.

As you get close, you realize he HAS been captured He's kneeling on the ground with hands behind his head, and there's a bad guy next to him! Shoot the bad guy without hitting the pilot. Once that's done, walk up to him, and he'll run for extraction. Follow him. When you reach the extraction point, you're done! Liberate them. If you clear the armory, the UN soldiers will defend themselves.

Situation: This is in Europe, supposedly. Green hills and such. Walkthru: Follow the waypoints and take out the 2 patrols in front. Then continue following the waypoints until you see the "river". Go prone and start pick off the guards one by one in and around the town. Then clear the "town" itself.

Clear the two wooden buildings first, one of which is the armory. There are grenades on the ground if you had used some already. Next, clear the entrance of the prison. There are two ways to do this: attack through the front with grenades and full automatic fire, or climb up the ladder and shoot the tangos from overhead.

Go in slowly and kill anyone who's armed. Check each and every room. That should liberate all the prisoners. Run outside and watch them go into the armory to grab weapons. They'll then rush to the exit and toward extraction. If you liberated all of them, they should take care of any one standing in their way, though it never hurts to help them out. Keep running until you reach a flat area and two Blackhawks arrive to pick you all up.

The 3 vehicle convoy must be escorted to the camp so the attack can take place. Situation: Green woodland area, expect lots of resistance. Run forward and look left down toward the road, and kill tangos. Look slight left through the tree and shoot more tangos. Go forward but be ready to hide as there are more shooters ahead. Take them all out.

Run forward and hide next to the trees. A pickup truck with 2 tangos should approach, take out the tangos, and the truck will crash. Or destroy the truck with grenades. Continue as the road makes right turn. You should hear warning about the enemy helicopter coming in. Arm LAW and get ready. Hide at the bottom of the hill, then as it passes, climb the hill and give it a parting present.

Alternatively, you can wait until it turns back to strafe the convoy. It'll be like moving directly toward you, so feed it a LAW, and it goes boom. Help clean out the base. Quite a few friendlies from the convoy will rush the base. Help them clean out the buildings and the surrounding area. When you have taken out all the hostiles, mission will end. His limo is being escorted by hostile armored cars to an enemy camp. We are inserting your team just outside to enemy camp to intercept the convoy.

Rescue the senator by escorting the limo to the extraction point! You hit with all 4 LAWs, or you'll have a hard time. Suggested outfit: 4 LAWs, and a sniper rifle Suggested tactics: you need good timing and fast but accurate shots Walkthru: Start by crossing the bridge, and head up the hill.

You'll see two tangos just below you to the left. Take them out, but don't expose yourself to fire from the camp itself. Turn right and look up the hill, then more to the right, and up. Two tangos up there too. Then run up the closer hill on its right side, and switch to LAW. Run just far enough to see the convoy coming in.

Wait for the second one to stop. Then kill the other three. Switch back to sniper rifle and shoot all the tangos you can see following the convoy, and some more in the camp itself. The limo should be making its escape, but alpha and charlie will escort it. Do NOT follow the limo! Shoot a couple guys at the camp, then run back to the bridge ASAP.

You'll see like 6 soldiers lined up on the bridge shooting down at the riverbed where the limo is. Clear the bridge ASAP or they'll destroy the limo and kill your fellow soldiers! Once the bridge is clear, run down next to the limo, and Black Widow will come in and rescue you all. Destroy the comm center to prevent them from calling for help, then kill all rebels in the area.

Situation: One comm center, guarded, one supply base, guarded, possible enemy helicopter on patrol. Suggested tactics: Take out the comm center first, or else you'll get choppers on your rear end. Then just kill everybody. Walkthru: Follow waypoint until you spot the comm center. It has 2 big antennas on the roof. Get close enough, and put a LAW into each antenna. Now you can kill all enemies without helicopters to bother you. Else, expect to see up to 4 choppers Kill all guards you see, then kill all the guards around the base, AND the patrols.

Circle the base to make sure no one else is alive Then go into the base and kill all others. Situation: Winter attack, lots of towers surround the base. Take out the towers and patrols then take out as many defenders in the base as possible, before heading in.

Second toughest quick mission. Suggested outfit: Barrett 50 cal sniper rifle, at least one LAW, preferably three. Delayed grenades are better. Suggested tactics: Slowly take out the towers one at a time, watch for patrols, then take care of the armored car if it has left the base, else take out the guards in the base as many as you can. Get down to base. There are snipers in the base itself. Move carefully and take out all the guards. Then assault the main building and take out any remaining resistance.

Walkthru: Set range compensator to m. Then go to hill on your left one plant there and look for a tower to your right Kill the tower guy. Look for a 2-man patrol coming from the tower, kill them. Look at commander's map and slowly pick off each and every tower that is visible as you creep around the hill.

When those are all gone, move up the hill of the first tower, and see another tower, so shoot the tango on it. Move up to the tent Shoot through the tent and you'll blow up the furnaces Killing the 2 guards inside don't get too close! Look beyond the tent and kill the rest of the towers, and try not to miss any. Use commander's map for reference. Now look down and you'll see the base. I recommend you go north up to the next tower and snipe from there.

You get the angle into the "garage" and can take out the BRDM from here if you angle it just right. Snipe away at the tangos. Then return to original spot and snipe from there as well. Try to shoot the tangos up on the two raised structures, though if you're lazy you can just put a LAW into each one. When ready, get to the entrance, and peek inside. Shoot more tangos. If you're facing the entrance, first clear everybody that's visible.

Then go right from entrance and clear barracks. Then clear the garage. Some may hide just behind door while others hide behind explosive barrels. Explode the barrels, and go in the "backdoor". When you've cleared all the visible guards, 2 Spetnaz commandos land via parachute into the camp and take up defensive stations. Finally, clear the HQ, and you're done!

Easier said than done, of course. Don't use the "front' door facing the entrance, but rather, go around the "back" door from the garage, follow the wall. Use delayed grenades so if you made a mistake you get a chance to run away. Keep moving slowly room to room, toss a grenade around every corner that may have enemies and eventually you'll get to the general Kill him and it's over. Kill all hostiles.

Situation: You're in something close to Afghanistan Snow on the mountains, with brown hills. Almost no cover. The camp itself may contain additional tangos. Take out the leaders first, then the trainees, then assault the camp. Nothing difficult again, just wait and shoot. Then proceed to the central tent, but enter it through the right entrance, as if you attempt to enter it from the left one, soldiers from a nearby tent northeast of you will start firing at you.

Kill everyone inside and then proceed slowly to the tent i spoke off before. There are soldiers around it but be careful as if you kill one, another gets out of the tent. When everybody is killed, the mission is over. Not that difficult. Move on your waypoints after you land, killing the 2 soldiers at the top of the hill at your left, and the 2 soldiers around the house.

Then continue on your waypoints, keeping in mind 3 soldiers in front of you as you approach your 3 waypoint and 3 more opposite of them. Then climb the hill and move in a paralell style with the convoy, as to not been hit by the tanks of the convoy. After minute of walking whith 2 soldiers around see your map! Then someone says that it is a trap. Keep clam and shoot the soldiers coming in.

When thery are dead head for the extraction point even if not told so and wait for the chopper to arrive. It is located on a factory nearby your insertion point. Then continue along your way and kill the 2 soldiers on your right hand and 2 more in front of you by the two trucks.

Then head for the factory. If you are lucky, your and your enemies fire wont set the bomb off. There are around 10 soldiers in the houses. Wait for your teammates to arrive and kill everyone, taking out the houses one by one. If you hear explosions but the mission is not over, its ok. When the factory is a bit clearer head for the center of it.

Within the big white buildings-silo there is a truck. Just behind the truck, on a barrel is the bomb. Touch it and its mission complete. What you must do : From the start, head on your waypoints, and board the train by jumping on it. Start moving on the train and kill everyone onboard. After the first house on your right, there are 2 jeep vehicles that will try to shoot you. Shoot them before they get a chance and move onto the next train-vagon.

Actually the train part is no difficult. You just have to keep shooting everyone you see and keep moving till you reach the first set of vagons. You should stay there for two reasons : 1 There you have some kind of support if you stay crouched. Remember that you are going to pass through 2 camps with that train! If you stay there it is almost immposible for them to kill you. When you see the 2 sets of jeeps coming, kill the soldiers on top of them.

They 'll stop following you. Then turn back to see the chopper coming. Take out your law weapon and shoot it! When the chopper and the jeeps are off, the train will be close to the next camp. When passing the camp, just keep lowered into the train and shoot the two guyz at the top of the building in front of you so they cannot hit you even after you passed the camp.

When the train is off the second camp tha mission is complete. Nothing tricky to say really. But you should be aware of : 1 There are 4 soldiers at sandbags as you reach for the base. There are soldiers not presented in the map, so be extra careful. Good luck. You should move forward to the fort, till you can see its walls. When you can, you should be able to zoom into the heads of the soldiers around the walls.

If not walk a little more and try again. When you can see enemy soldier's heads shoot them all and then take out your grenade launcher and shoot at the tanks grenades in order to destroy them. If you can see only one tank, the other one is in the base. Move closer to the base keeping in mind 2 soldiers among the first two houses on your right.

Then take the houses one by one anti-clockwise in order to find where the hostages are being held. One nice advice is that you look through the house windows before entering so you know from the start if the room contains any hostage, cause if it do, you should be shooting more carefuly. Anyway, when you find the hostages, just move on to the extraction point. There is something else i forgot. There is another tank inside the base on the nortwest corner. Take out your law weapon and simply blow it up!

You got to eliminate everyone around the uranium factory. From the start head on your waypoints till you can see a bunch of soldiers in your left. Then move there and take out the soldiers outside the house first 5- 6 then take out the ones in the house.

There are not that many soldiers but they are well placed, so one wrong step and you lose. Be careful and shoot them down. Then take out the buildings one by one to clear the remaining soldiers inside. If you feel brave enough, i would recomend playin the mission with a sniper rifle.

Tip : you can have the truck cary you to the first camp. Just hop in the truck and wai till it gets there. But be warned! It is SLOW! There may be a way to go to the main base in the truck What you have to do is that: After your insertion, head to the waypoints killing the soldiers that come in your way as you approach each waypoint, and prepare your law weapon for a chopper coming on you.

When you see the chopper hit it with the law. Then without putting your law away, hit the first vehicle of the convoy, which is a tank. Then take out the saw again and kill the nearby soldiers. There are soldiers total around the convoy, something easy for the saw! Then carefully approach each of the2 remaining tanks and hit them with the law. Finally stay around just in case a soldiers comes.

It is really easier than the previous one of its kind. I highly suggest you use the barret 0. Well, go as close as needed to see the soldiers on top of the tower, then zoom in and kill them both. There is another soldier in that tower too, remember it for later. When you can see the hangars, zoom in and turn the night vision on too, so you can see clearly :.

Take out everyone in your sight and proceed to the tower. Climb to the top of it and kill the third soldier. Then, from up the tower, snipe on the buildings and kill everyone you can see behind the windows. Then just go explore building to building the rest of them and your extraction chopper arrives.

The place the chopper comes is full of enemies. Kill them and go to the extraction point to finish the mission. I wont give specific info but just some handful information. There are 2 houses that hold at least 2 soldiers in the first floor and 2 more in the second.

On each tower there is a soldier. After you have passed the first part with the two houses head up the hill to find a soldier on a tower and 2 more just below it. There are 4 soldiers inside the building with the dish on it, in the first floor and 2 in the second. Remember that by the chopper there are 2 soldiers.

Also, there is a tower in the distance that holds a soldeir , which must be eliminated for the mission to complete. Just after you start head on your waypoints. But no need to be scared. Just go round-wise every house and keep firing.

I guarantee you that no man will be alive after you do so. Remember that this weapon can pass through wooden houses! Anyway, the laptop is located at the fourth house in order. No other threats are present. Go to the extraction point. But just before you reach it an enemy plane plans to throw paratroopers! You got one shot with the law. If you miss dont worry, your enemies in air wont shoot you till they reach ground, so move quickly and you wont have a single scratch!

This must be some kind of a joke! I havent seen an easier mission for a long time! The only hint i am going to give you is that the big building right of you as you enter the base contains 2 soldiers and that if you succeed to enter the base without being killed, you can stay there, as the chopper cannot fire at you!

I dont think anyone needs anymore advice on this one Even your teammates join you! The reason? There is a chopper that is going to hunt you down, without having any kind of real defence against it, and you must destroy every mig you find at the base. So, you are fast, or silent and careful! I went for the fast one. So, run like hell and AVOID all possible visual contact with the chopper, for if it sees you, it is not going to go away till you're dead!

Then proceed the the base, clearing everyone around you, and enter the base, heading for the silver-painted silo-like buildings. There should be 2 migs located inside these silos. One at each silo. There is however, an empty silo you should avoid. As you enter the base, the migs were located for me at the first and last silo in case the location of them is random. Leave a satchel charge by them and blow them sky-high. Then leave immediately for the extraction point. Generally this mission doesn't have any real resistance except for the chopper, so if it didnt see you, you are almost done.

And if this was already little, they can HIDE in the terrain!!!!!! You will sometime encounter shooting and you wont find from! So please be extra careful and proceed slowly! So, start. At the long road to your left there is a tank and a soldier. You can destroy the tank and kill tha soldier but i didnt, cause the laser designator is limited to 2 shots and the law has another 2 ONLY.

Head up the hill. You may encounter a soldier in the procees. Stand on top of it and snipe on the opposite bunker to take out the two soldier looking around. Then kill everyone around the first sam launcher and take out your lase-designator. Target it and wait till it is destryoed. Move slowly close to the second one and do the same procedure.

There is one more, this time located a little heigher of you. Destroy it with 2 grenades. Then head a little lower to find the two camper-van-like vehicles that carry a large anntena like structure. These need a grenade each to be settled off. Then you must capture the general. To go to the place the general is located however, you must pass through HELL. There is an enemy outpost that must be cleared of before you can go on.

There are 2 buildings in front of you. The one is a house like and has a soldier inside and the other is a silo and has 2 soldiers. When you approach the silo remember to shoot a guy in the distance by some barrels. Then turn right and kill 2 soldiers coming your way up from the hill. Then you are clear to go. When you reach the next bunch of buildings kill the soldiers in side the house straight to you and then snipe at the soldier on top of the left handed building.

There is a soldier waiting for you as you turn right at the stairs of the seond floor. When he is killed, approach the general and escort him outside to the chopper. You are then free to go to the extraction point. Go and the mission is complete! So, lets start. If you move to your waypoint strickly, you want have to encounter anyone! When you reach the village, enter the big house. There are 2 soldiers in it.

The one is by the door and the other one is left of the entrance by the left most wall. In this house there are all the hostages. The only thing you must do now is sweep the area of terrorists so the hostages can be freely ascorted. Opposite of the house entrance is a camouflaged tent. Each at one part of the tent, left and right. Shoot everywhere near them, the bullets will pass through the tent.

The mission is complete!!!!! You got to destroy every vehicle except trucks you find in the enemy base. Just as you start 2 soldiers see you and start shooting. Kill them and continue to the base. When you reach the perimeter, move around the perimeter killing everyone you can. Ths is the safest method i have tried for this mission.

First go for the soldiers in the turrets of course. Then head on the perimeter. When you reach the other end of the base, enter it and turn right to enter the first silo. Enter it from behind, cause if you try to enter it from the front the tank will shoot you. Approach it and throw 2 grenades at it.

Then head for the next silo. There is a soldier before the silo entrance and another one will come after you enter. When you enter kill 2 soldiers located one at the left side of the building and the other at the right. The leave a satchel charge and detonate it. Then head for the outside where a whole bunch of enemy armor is located. Be on your knees, as one tank may be alive and if it is it will start shooting at you. Leave a satchel charge here too. Detonated it. Then leave another one close to the vehicles not destroyed by the first and detonate it too.

If have done as i said, the only remaining vehicle will be a tank located by the nearby house's entrance. Destroy it too using 2 grenades, and head on the house near the tower. There should be soldiers. One by the entrance, one by the stairs on the second floor and one at the top floor.

When you have killed everyone the mission is complete! The whole idea is that you must secure a missile so it is not launched. To do this you must : Follow the waypoints killing everyone you can see in the distance. Just after you start you will see a tank and three soldiers. Kill the soldiers then approach the tank and blow it using 3 grenades.

Then head for the base. When you reeach the base, wait for your teammates to come too. Then enter the command center the big one, obviously and kill the two soldiers to your left. Explore the place to see if there is anyone alive. Then climb the ladder to the top of the building. Kill the soldier in the room he is at the lowest left corner.

Get down the building, and pay a visit to every house and bunker there is. Then follow the waypoints to the launch area. In the meantime you may encounter a tank and some soldiers. If you do, just kill the soldiers and run away of the tank, axceot if you feel lucky. As you go to the launch area you will find 3 enemy soldiers around. Kill everyone. Before you get to close to the launch area inspect the place a little and fire around where you think that soldiers are located. There are soldiers at the too of the buildings, but the most soldiers are located on the launch tower, one at each floor.

So keep firing from a distance so when you get close thing should be easy. To climb up the tower, find its rear side and climb the ladder. Keep climbing stairs till you come to the topmost. On the top top of the building there is one soldiers waiting. Killing him should end the mission, alse try to find nearby soldiers not taken "care" of.

Congratulations you've finished the game!!!!!!!!

Delta Force 2.

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