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Borderlands 2 legendary game save ps3 piggs peak casino free spins

Borderlands 2 legendary game save ps3


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Side Quest 1 Answer How do I make it switch to night? Side Quest 2 Answers How do I unlock the third and fourth weapon slots? Side Quest 4 Answers Slot machine glitch in Sanctuary? Side Quest 6 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Firstly you will need to install the Add-On content pack which Includes the first two campaign add-on packs, "Captain Scarlett and her Priate's Booty" and "Mr.

Torgue's Campaign of Carnage". After the packs are installed insert your Borderlands 2 disc and load your existing character. After you have spawned onto the map a series of messages will pop up telling you about the new content that has been installed.

You will notice that you will have 11 keys and bonus badass ranks number of bonus badass ranks vary. I also received a Legendary Mod I played with a level 39 Zero so I got a Legendary Hunter Mod scaled to your characters level A legendary mod wasn't given to my other characters or on another Borderlands 2 profile on my PS3 for some reason.

Spend the keys on the Sanctuary Chest and after the keys are finished Save and Quit then exit the game. After it is backed up, delete the file from your PS3 and then go back in the game. After the game has loaded after the start screen, load your character the one you spent the keys with and go into the game. Once you have spawned in Sanctuary you will notice that you have 11 Golden keys again, all your tokens unspent and all the guns you bought with the Golden keys previously. Spend your Golden Keys again and then Save and Quit the game.

Load it on to your PS3 a message will pop up telling you that existing data is already on your PS3 and will be overwritten. Select 'Yes' to overwrite the data Load the game and you will have all the new guns you bought. Rinse and repeat as much as you want to get easy money and good Purple weapons. Aside from lowering the graphics to low settings, you can also use this mod to tweak your game performance.

Vanilla Enhanced is the mod that can fix minor bugs found in Borderlands 2 without the need to wait for the official patch. There are lots of fixes that are applied with this mod, which can enhance your gameplay experience significantly. For instance, it fixes fast travel portal, colors, money shot description, pressure description, and more.

This mod will allow you to make every part that you find in this game unique, unlike the vanilla version. With this mod active, it can create the varied stats and abilities for almost every part that you can find in this game. However, there are some few exceptions, such as unique weapon barrels, e-tech, and shotgun barrels.

Other than these exceptions, all parts will receive unique stats and abilities. The more enemies that you can defeat, the more improvements that you can make for your characters. However, sometimes you might have a difficulty finding new enemies to defeat during the gameplay.

Respawning Enemies and Allies is there to make it possible for you to respawn your enemies and allies upon leaving and entering maps, so that you can keep on defeating them to level up your characters. When playing Borderlands 2, it is fun to keep upgrading your weapons so that you can inflict stronger attacks to your enemies easily. However, upgrading your weapons will require you to pay for it, and sometimes, the price is too high for you to spend on these upgraded weapons.

Price Reducer Pro is here to fix that problem, lowering the price scaling of the weapons you can use in this game, which are available from various vendors. While the visuals of Borderlands 2 are already great, there are some people who find these visuals to be too overwhelming. There are too many effects happening all at once, making the gameplay sometimes too confusing for some people.

When playing this game, you will need to go to the Sanctuary to do various things, such as receiving quests, adding ammunitions, replacing your guns, and many more. However, for some people, the Sanctuary section in this game is a kind of boring, and it can take a lot of your time. If you want to have a quick playthrough with Borderlands 2, skipping the Sanctuary session might be a wise choice to take. In Borderlands 2, you will be able to play various side quests throughout the game, aside from doing the main story missions.

However, the drawback is that you cannot repeat the side quests in this game, so you can only have one chance to do it. The Farmable Side Quests BL2 mod will allow you to repeat any side quests in this game so that you can increase the stats of your characters even more.

When you play this game, there is an interesting mechanic called the enemy bullet reflection, which is supposed to make the game looks more stunning. So, No More Enemy Bullet Reflection is here for you if you think that the enemy bullet reflection mechanic is not for you. There is no perfect mod for Borderlands 2. But, there is a mod that gives you lots of features that you will need, which is near perfect. Borderlands Ultimate Mod can be used both for the first Borderlands game and Borderlands 2, allowing you to fix various problems in this game and add some additional features to the game.

With this mod, you can make your game experience different from when you play the vanilla version. While the intro movie made for this game is great, Short Intro Mod can make the intro movie shorter and give you only the gist of it. This way, you will still understand the intro story, but you will make the movie duration shorter. FFYLands stands for Fight for Your Life Lands, which is the mod that provides a global overhaul to change your overall gameplay experience in Borderlands 2.

With this mod, you will be able to experience this game in a greater difficulty, which will give you more rewards throughout your gameplay. One favorite way is to kill as many enemies as possible, which gives you lots of experience points that allow you to improve your levels.

The Fast Travel Farms can help you to fast travel near the unique enemies in various regions throughout the game. This way, you can farm for more EXP easily. Probably, one of the most boring thing to do in this game, according to some players, is to walk through the Sanctuary just to do various things.

On top of that, the Sanctuary might not be the simplest place to be in this game, so it adds to more boredom when you have to deal with it. This mod attempts to fix this problem by making the Sanctuary a less cluttered space as it already is. U2, this is the mod that you can use to enhance the effects of those mods.

The Hyperion Loader is the integral part of your Borderlands 2 gameplay, as it will help you defeat enemies in various ways. However, the bad thing about it is that the Hyperion Loader mostly has the same yellow color, which can be a bit boring. This is why Hyperion Loader Reskins is needed for you to change that. You can change the skin of your Hyperion Loader in various ways. While Terramorphous is already challenging enough, you can make this boss even more challenging by applying this mod.

If you enjoy battling with this monster, then this mod will be a great addition to your challenging battle. Arena Overhauls is the mod that you can use to change various aspects of the Borderlands 2 arenas. This will make the arena to be less difficult to play, with various changes applied for the quests, spawn locations, vending machines, and more. So, if you like battling in the arena, you can make your experience in the arena even better by using this mod. Sometimes, with the new items that you pick up along the way, it is getting difficult for you to see which one is beneficial and which one is not.

In this game, you can find Loot Midget and use it toward your character development and gameplay. The Larger Midget Container is the mod that will help you determine whether an object has a chance of containing Loot Midget or not. Borderlands Profile Editor is a small tool that allows you to edit various aspects of your Borderlands 2 game. By using this tool, you can modify various things found in the game world and make the game more exciting to play.

This tool also works for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. You will not risk any ban when using this tool, as it has been tested on the Steam version of the game.


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this is not a modded save just good weapons for this lvl if you use save back your save up first find saves in description box I now have eu saves . › guides › borderlandssave-file-editor-by-gibbed. Navigate to your save folder. Gibbed's should already be here by default. C:\​Users\(Your Username)\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\.